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red hot second chance romance. A weekend in a snowed in cabin. And all kinds of ways to get warm....


I figured moonlighting as a Santa stripper was the most exciting thing on my docket this holiday season.


But that was before Macy Clayton careened back into my life, before we were snowed in at a ranger station in the middle of nowhere.


And yes, what the survivalists say is true--you really do stay warmer, and happier, when you're naked.


Soon, Macy and I are back on track to forever. But crossed signals and old wounds prove that second chances can be tricky, even during the most wonderful time of the year.


I'll pull out all the stops to prove to Macy she's the only one I want to jingle my bells, but will it be enough to pull off a Christmas miracle?

Previously published as "Snow Place Like Home" It has been heavily revised and expanded for this novel-length edition.

October 16
Self Taught Ninja
Self Taught Ninja

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coffeegoddesstmk ,

Tis the Season For Second Chances

Adhering to the notion that you absolutely cannot go home again, and feeling more than a little bit Scroogey, Macy Clayton is back in Lover's Leap, Colorado, under extreme duress. After all, despite her hometown's name, Macy has no love at all for the place, or a certain someone that she thought she could trust. 'Tis the season? Not as far as Macy is concerned. She can't wait to shake the snow off her boots ASAP and beat it back to LaLa land, but if Dean Roberts has anything to say about it, she'll decide that she's back to stay.

It may only be October, but I am happy to say that the official countdown to the holidays has begun, at least in the romance world. Visions of sugarplums, mistletoe aplenty, and snowflakes galore, if it's Christmas, we're starting to see it. All of this is already enough to make me a very happy reader, but when you add Lili Valente and a second chance at love against all odds, well, I'm in holiday book heaven.

Lili has worked her usual romantic magic in A NAUGHTY LITTLE CHRISTMAS, weaving a story of crossed signals, love lost, and love rediscovered, with plenty of heart, heat, and humor, and given readers a truly delightful read that is not to be missed. Make sure that this book is on your 'have to read list,' and enjoy.

@LisaHines711 ,

Review: A Naughty Little Christmas

A Naughty Little Christmas by Lili Valente is a second chance romance novel. Told in dual POV, this quick read will melt the coldest ice. Set in the same Lili world as the Bedding The Bad Boy series, this is the story of Macy Clayton and Dean Roberts. A second chance romance that shows sometimes fate does intervene, even if it is in the way of natural disaster after natural disaster (black ice, avalanche, and winter storms to name a few).

Between Macy's initial anger and feelings of betrayal and the realization that perhaps she was mistaken all this time about Dean's actions you are pulled through the emotions with her. Dean, on the other hand, has always stood behind his decision all those years ago. He regretted the loss of Macy but never his actions behind it.

Well-written and well-paced, as always, Lili delivers a sweet and steamy tale of two people rediscovering each other and rekindling their love that once burned so hot in the middle of a winter storm. Lili Valente is an absolute MUST READ author for me and this book is just another example of why that is. Enjoy!

Previously published as Snow Place Like Home by Jessie Evans as a novella in the Kindle Worlds Hope Falls series, this is a much expanded version that was even better the second time around! Enjoy!

Szmoromou ,

Yay to Secind Chances

What happens when the one to save you from being crushed by tree happens to be the boy who crushed your heart 10 years ago? Macy left Lover's Leap and the boy she once loved. The boy she gave her firsts to and who also betrayed her and never looked back twice. Lover's Leap just wasn't Macy's home anymore. It only held bad memories even when they once held such beautiful ones. Dean... the boy next door that started as a friend and became so much more. When Macy's father left her and sister to mend for themselves, Macy did anything and everything to keep her and her sister afloat, even keeping up the facade that they weren't abandoned. Dean couldn't sit back and watch a then 15 year old Macy struggling and withering away. With no other choice he had to tell, he had to help.

Ten years later and Macy's back. She wants to get in and out. Retrieve what her deceased father left her and her sister and do away with Lover's Leap once and for all. However, Lover's Leap and its unpredictable weather had something else in store for her. A bad snow storm with horrible driving conditions led to Macy skidding off the road and crashing into a tree. Lucky for her... someone happen to be on the road and witnessed it all.

Dean couldn't believe what he just saw. Without time to waste, he knew he had to get whomever was in the car out and quick. What a surprise it was when he ripped open the door to find a dazed and confused Macy behind the wheel. Quickly getting her out and to safety, Dean and Macy knew they had to find shelter to save themselves from the cold. Once safe, old memories and feeling quickly resurfaced and quickly Dean and Macy rekindled what they once had after truths were shared. However some misunderstandings lurked and soon Macy finds herself questioning what she and Dean have. Will Dean and Macy have their second chance in love?

Lili Valente has once again brought humor, sexiness and raw emotions through A Naughty Little Christmas. Dean and Macy are so cute together and I loved experiencing their journey together.

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