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From award-winning author Lauren Nicolle Taylor comes a boxed set with all three full-length Paper Stars Novels. This set includes the entire series, and offers the reader a discount over purchasing each novel individually. The Paper Stars Box Set is a multi-award-winning and best-selling series with over five hundred five-star reviews on Goodreads. This series is richly written, populated with engaging characters and emotional plotlines, and is perfect for fans of The Beginning of Everything, Eleanor & Park, and The Book Thief.

Lauren Nicolle Taylor artfully spins elements from classic fairy tales into these historical fiction stories, with elements from both Peter Panand Rip Van Winkle. Find out why readers are calling this series "unforgettable," "powerful," and "beautiful."

Booklist Magazine calls this series “Lyrically written” and “Remarkable.”


Nora & Kettle (A Paper Stars Novel, Book 1)
Gold Medal Winner for Multicultural Fiction, Independent Publishers Book Awards 2017
A "remarkable" (Booklist) reimagining of Peter Pan. After World War II, orphaned Kettle faces prejudice as a Japanese American, but he manages to scrape by and care for his makeshift family of homeless children. When he crosses paths with the privileged but traumatized Nora, both of their lives are forever changed.

“In her honeyed eyes, Kettle sees sadness and suffering. In his, Nora sees the chance to take to the window and fly away.”


Hiro Loves Kite (A Paper Stars Novel, Book 2)

Nora finally has her beloved sister Frankie back, but that's just the beginning of their struggles. She must now become Kite—a stronger, more independent version of herself. Kettle has Kite's heart, but a looming shadow threatens to separate them. Kettle must accept he is also Hiro. And Hiro loves Kite—that much is clear—but Kite won't wait forever for him to tell her…

“She comes to me with stars in her hair. Bruised and beautiful. Wings as delicate as fire ash. And I forget all my sullenness. My doubts. I forget everything except how many steps it will take for her to reach me.”—Hiro


Breaker and the Sun (A Paper Stars Novel, Book 3)

“Times means nothing; it's just the sun and moon changing places.”
Breaker is a recently returned Vietnam vet. Sunny is a Chinese-French immigrant who fled during the war. When Breaker stumbles upon Sunny at the Ugly Tree, they are instantly drawn to each other. But they are also called to the tree. Is it fate that brought them together… or something more?

Young Adult
October 14
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