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Simone Brooks and Cameron Bennett should not be together. She’s a wealthy socialite looking for a suitable husband. A man with the right pedigree and an economic status that matches her own. He’s part owner of the hottest nightclub in Atlanta with his siblings. Someone who loves cooking, the outdoors, and women, not necessarily in that order. 

After one night together, their sizzling chemistry makes it difficult to stay away. Then comes the hard part—navigating their differences to salvage a relationship that, while it may be imperfect, overflows with love and passion. 

[This book was previously part of The Bennett Triplets series.]

August 26
Garden Avenue Press
Delaney Diamond

Customer Reviews

M.ilanoo ,

Short and sweet

I loved it! I wish it was longer I really enjoyed Cam and Simone. I was scared he was gonna let insecurities get the best of him but it all worked out. They relationship seemed like home if that makes sense definitely worth a read.

PalatableDinner ,

A Passionate Love

This book only had a few typos and was a pretty good read until Sylvie Johnson appeared, breaking the immersion in an otherwise fairly realistic story. She shifts the focus to the nonissue of rich versus ultra rich, and creates discrepancies in Simone and Cameron’s characters.

Cameron is the owner of supposedly the most popular nightclub in Atlanta catering to celebrities and the ultra rich like Simone, but the last roughly sixty percent of the book paints him as middle class.

Simone is supposedly generous to a fault, yet she never has to reconcile her excessive lifestyle with her charitable causes even as she eats a gourmet meal surrounded by extravagance while watching young girls turned brides for economic security share their stories. It’s tone-deaf, especially with media present. Readers are asked to sympathize with her misery over the potential absence of designer clothes and vacations to Italy, with dinosaur bone jewelry being at best ethically debatable. Despite Cameron’s claims that these are part of who she is, dialing these back would have been good character development, which she doesn’t really have.

Having said that, there is merit in addressing wealth related toxic masculinity.

Alesciya ,

Great book

Amazing book

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