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It is 1988, and Chicago is a center of electro-industrial music. For best friends Jonathan and Scott, the city holds everything they need to finally succeed with a band: plenty of venues and a music-hungry audience. When a friend offers them an entire floor of an abandoned factory to live and rehearse in, the musicians see a way to break free from years of failure. To secure the opportunity, they must move immediately, leaving everything and everyone behind in Ohio, including Jonathan's lover Amy--the woman who saved him from self-destruction.

With few belongings and little money, they arrive in Chicago. While creating their newest band, Jonathan attempts to come to terms with abandoning Amy while Scott battles haunting memories of a friend killed years earlier. As they struggle to keep it together, a new woman enters Jonathan's life and their band reaches new heights in the music scene. But nothing is as it appears, everyone is harboring secrets, and self-deceit is a treacherous illusion that hangs over them like a dark shadow.

A Perfect Blindness lays bare a tale of perseverance, passion, and regret as two musicians embark on the arduous journey to find success and confront truths that have always eluded them--until now.

Fiction & Literature
April 25

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Music is life🎶🎧 ,

If you enjoyed Less than Zero and Rules of Attraction

The Prefect Blindness is a great excellent look into the lives of 3 people desperate to make something of themselves at any cost. To leave living the life of silent desperation as many people from smaller cities find themselves. To find happiness even if it means losing oneself.
Growing up in Columbus and then living in Chicago during the time this book is written in, I find myself thinking about all these clubs and bands with fond memories. Hell, they are still on my playlists.