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This is a picture book which contains the pictures with captions explaining the meaning behind the picture.

Young Adult
November 22
Public Domain
Public Domain

Customer Reviews

Missus_Olivia ,


Good to pass the time.

klrwrj ,

Love it!

Book is very dated and that is what I find so beautiful. Simple pictures with great teachings.

Before giving this book a bad review please do take into account this is from another time period . Language has changed, so some of the words clearly have meaning that is far different than today. I read to my son a lot and he would enjoy the simplicity of this book if he could see the pics better.

At the end if the book it was mentioned that the pictures were not in great shape , but all pages were included.

This book was added in the best of intentions and I appreciate this addition of the book. What a gem. I only wish I knew more about it. The author and so forth. It is likely so old that it was sketched and written with little more.

It’s sad that some of the reviewers seemed to be quite close minded. This shows how the world which we live in changes. That is a lesson to our children in itself. The teachings were simple and very good examples. My thoughts are very different from many of the other reviewers

jenpettit11 ,

Zero star rating!

Page 22 calls a heavy, mentally challenged-appearing girl "strange" looking. A few pages later, the text reads "Do be kind to the poor black boy."

Please, remove this book from the offered texts. It is considered a picture book for today's children?! Not in the 21st Century.

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