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When Quaker Pastor Sam Gardner is asked by the ill Unitarian minister to oversee a wedding in his place, Sam naturally agrees. It's not until the couple stands before him that he realizes they're two women. In the tempest of strong opinions and misunderstandings that follows the incident, Sam faces potential unemployment. Deeply discouraged, he wonders if his pastoral usefulness has come to an end. Perhaps it's time for a change. After all, his wife has found a new job at the library, his elder son is off to college, and the younger has decided to join the military once he graduates high school. Sam is contemplating a future selling used cars when he receives a call from a woman in the suburban town of Hope, Indiana. It seems Hope Friends Meeting is in desperate need of a pastor. Though they only have twelve members, they also have a beautiful meetinghouse and a pie committee (Sam is fond of pie). But can he really leave his beloved hometown of Harmony?

Fiction & Literature
September 2
Center Street
Hachette Digital, Inc.

Customer Reviews

Forgetfuljj ,

Thank The Lord for another Harmony novel!!! I will be counting the days until it's release!

So thrilled to know that Mr. Gulley is tackling such an important subject matter through such a "novel" medium! I'm even more thrilled to get another book about Sam, the Gardner family, his church family the and town of Harmony. The Harmony stories are so tender and sweet and so fiercely, hysterically funny that I've laughed so long and hard until my sides have ached and tears have streamed down my face. Minutes later I've reached for a tissue. They're just beautiful books about the human experience that will find a special place in the heart and spirit of anyone who picks one up. They can be read and reread over and over again and there will be something fresh each time. If you haven't read the other books in the series, check them out too, you can't go wrong, they're absolutely hysterical!!

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