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USA Today bestselling author Pamela DuMond pitched the real life Erin Brockovich story to Hollywood. 

Now she brings you A PLAYING DIRTY DUET featuring two steamy, STAND ALONE, Holiday Romantic Comedies.


I was an underpaid assistant working at a matchmaking agency, surviving on Insta-Ramen and dreams. How was it possible that I made a love match that resulted in the society marriage of the year? Christmas season was upon us and I planned on enjoying this gorgeous wedding.

I didn’t plan on running into the smoking hot, tuxedo-clad brick wall of a man. I didn’t plan on him stopping my fall by grabbing onto my boob and Not. Letting. Go. I most definitely didn’t plan on this gorgeous man being my new CLIENT. Joe was heir to the Delacroix Hotel fortune, whip smart, hilariously funny, and so yummy. I was tempted to… good God I wanted to... but sleeping with clients was a big, fat ‘No-No.’

Weren’t some rules meant to be broken?


Aiden Black thought he’d left his past behind when he abandoned the priesthood. He channeled his desire to help others by creating WGA -- Chicago’s premiere matchmaking agency. Aiden’s the expert at finding true love for his clients but he’s put his own needs on hold for a Very. Long. Time.

Violet Accardi doesn’t want to settle down and be a Mafia princess – she’s busy building her own sportswear company. Problem is Uncle Vincent promised Violet’s hand in marriage to the son of a rival family. When his goon attempts to kidnap her at the WGA Christmas party, Aiden shuts him down by pretending to be Violet’s fiancé.

He’s smoking hot, such a gentleman, and Violet wonders what could it hurt to pretend to be in love for just one night? But Uncle Vincent calls their bluff, popping them both on a private jet headed to the Accardi home in Sicily for the holidays.

Life for Violet and Aiden is about to become more complicated...


"Funny, witty, and hot, hot, HOT!..." ~ Ann Charles, USA Today Bestselling Author.  

"A captivating love story; simply have no words to describe how beautiful it is." Sofia Beddable Reads

"2 Thumbs up for a great heart warming story..." ~ Barbara - A. Reviewer

"Lots of feels, terrific secondary characters, drama, comedy, angst, this book has it all!" ~ Melissa P.

"The perfect balance of funny (like laugh out loud funny), witty, and sexy (sosohot)." ~ Sweet Red Reader

"... a sexy, funny, emotional heartwarming romance." April Symes

"Everyone needs to discover Aiden Black..." Amy Stephens

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