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Publisher Description

A Pocket Guide to Corporate Survival offers a view of corporate life that is cynical, honest, funny and refreshingly different. It is essential reading for anyone who has worked for a large company or multinational and wants to share a laugh—or a cry—about corporate culture. 

You begin as a new recruit and end as an established business leader. As you make this journey, you learn about the real role of Human Resources (the KGB of corporate life), how to manage your workload (without becoming a 24/7 employee) and are warned about the personal qualities and behaviours (such as courage, integrity and initiative) that may lead to career failure.

On the way you are introduced to office politics, the management class system, a new corporate language (with real meanings provided), and the best way to manage your sex life at company conferences. The importance of socialising and networking is considered.

A Pocket Guide to Corporate Survival contrasts the lofty goals of organisational visions, values and mission statements with the tawdry realities of business life and the cynical disbelief of employees. For the first time in history, the real purpose of corporate policies and procedure is explained as well as the difficulty of working with human beings rather than robots.

You learn about the art of appearing to make decisions without actually doing so and how to survive in the labyrinth of a multinational matrix management structure.

While A Pocket Guide to Corporate Survival pokes fun at office politics and climbing the corporate ladder, it also highlights some of the personal compromises that are required to survive in a corporation.

If you’ve ever been involved in the corporate world, you won’t want to switch off your e-reader once you start reading this one! You will laugh along with Blower’s brilliant and facetious prose, and cackle at the illustrations that artfully open each chapter.

Blower and Holman invite you to enjoy this book along with a hearty grain of salt.

Business & Personal Finance
March 13
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