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Rhys Frost—he’s literally too good to be true. Tall, dark, and so handsome, with big strong grease-stained and work-roughed hands, a brilliant smile, and a heart of gold. He’s patient. He’s funny. And he wants me. He wants to do things to me that I’ve never even dared fantasize about. 

The problem is, I’m a virgin, and I haven’t told him. 

*   *   *

I found Torie Goode on the side of the road in a torrential downpour, looking like a sad wet rat. Then I got a better look at her, and I realized I had a woman of truly breathtaking beauty in the passenger seat of my old CJ-7. Somehow, I managed to let myself get lured into a road trip with a gorgeous, tantalizing woman...who was, for some reason, reticent to let things go anywhere between us, physically. She’s hiding something. And we’re alone in a car for hours on end, days on end. Connecticut to Alaska, to be exact. 

I want her.

She wants me.

I just need to figure out what her hold up is, and how to get past it…and what to do if and when I do.

June 26
Jasinda Wilder
Seth Clarke

Customer Reviews

VictoriaCaroline12 ,

I can’t ever put these down

I honestly can’t put these books down. I count down the days and know that I’ll be useless until I finish the book. I LOVED the Badd boys and go back and reread some of their stories from time to time. I was so upset when I thought the series ended and then Jasinda bestowed upon us the Goode girls and everyone one of them is just as good if not better than the last.

Fyre13 ,

Loved it!!

Torie’s and Rhys’s story was as unique and special as they are. I was hooked from the start. I truly have grown to love this wonderful, wacky Badd/Goode family and can’t believe there will be only one more book. They all feel like old friends at this point. Jasinda created a world in Ketchikan that I’d like to visit if only for a little while so I can hug them all and have a big, Badd party at the bar. I know she likely won’t read this, but thank you Jasinda for bringing these wonderful people to life!

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