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From USA Today Bestselling author Darcy Burke, your next Regency obsession: The Pretenders! Set in Burke’s popular world of The Untouchables, indulge in the saga of a trio of siblings who excel at being something they’re not. Can a dauntless Bow Street Runner, a devastated viscount, and a disillusioned Society miss unravel their secrets?


Anne Pemberton was one of the Season’s most popular young misses until her betrothed was arrested for extortion at their wedding. Now a social pariah, she can’t help but think back to the dashing gentleman she met before the Season started. Though they spent several afternoons exploring East London together, they never disclosed their names. They did, however, share a kiss, and Anne can’t forget it—or him.

Former thief Rafe Blackwell is now a respectable gentleman with one goal: to take down the man who murdered his parents. Reunited with Anne, their attraction still blazes strong, and he can’t let her get too close, for his heart is forever cold and his mission too desperate. But when Anne seeks to save him—both emotionally and physically—he’ll have to embrace the darkness or risk losing the only light he’s ever known.

February 23
Darcy Burke Publishing
Darcy Burke

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Oma 3 ,

I couldn’t put it down!

Another winner. Has all the components of a great story. Bad boy trying to be good, mystery and a determined women. Rafe has his own little kingdom in London’s shady side of town. He has decided to turn the leaf and try to discover who his parents were. He has little memories of when he was 5 years old and his nurse had taken him and his sister away from a burning building that his parents had died in.
Trying to make amends to his sister, Selina, who he hadn’t seen in many years. Buying a mansion in London elite section, leaving behind his criminal past is where the story starts.
In a chance meeting he finds himself giving aid to a mysterious woman wearing a veil in Hatchard’s. Intrigued by the mystery women, they decided not to introduce themselves and nicknamed themselves Lord Bodyguard and Mrs. Dazzling. They had a few sightseeing adventures, but then life intruded and they hadn’t seen each other in months.
Anne has never forgotten Lord Bodyguard, but didn’t know how to contact him. Hiding out at her sister after a broken engagement, she meets Lord Bodyguard again when he visits her brother in law.
The roller coaster ride begins, a fast paced well written read.

 I am voluntarily posting an honest review after reading an Advance Reader Copy of this story.

Peg1951 ,

Lord Bodyguard and Mrs. Dazzling

Rafe Blackwell has done a lot of things he isn’t proud of, but he did them so that he and especially Selina would survive and find something better. He has changed; he wants to be a gentleman. Most of all wants to find out who he and Selina are and what really happened to his family. He and Selina have been searching for clues to their origins and have found a promising piece of information. Following that clue, with the help of friends, they are going to discover a lot more than they can imagine.

We last saw Anne when her betrothed was arrested for extortion at the altar before the wedding begins. Rafe and Anne meet Hatchard’s book store and strike up a wonderful, if anonymous friendship as Lord Bodyguard and Mrs. Dazzling. They enjoy each other’s company and have much in common. After losing track of each other, they meet again when Rafe comes to Anthony to ask for help with tracing the new information. After that, they seem to run into each other everywhere. Pain from the past causes Rafe to resist their growing attraction. Hopefully, Anne will be able to break down the walls he has built around his heart.

This is an amazing mystery and adventure, and an absolutely fantastic love story. It is action-packed and full of secrets, danger, betrayal, all kinds of scandal, murder, and attempted murder (multiple times). Rafe and Anne are remarkable. They seem so different; he hard and a little grumpy, and she outgoing and optimistic. But, they are both kind, caring, protective of those they love, just wonderful. Selina and Harry, Thomas and Beatrix, and Jane and Anthony are here to help finally solve the mystery. And solved it is. The villain is shocking, but the truth is delicious! This story, the whole series, is great. Definitely 5 stars!

I received an ARC of this book from the publisher via NetGalley. My review is voluntary.

Jnelle87 ,

Nauseatingly cheesy and underwhelming

Hard to say who was more emotional: the men or the women. So very cheesy and over blown at times. And the villain never really was a threat. Just a strange, meandering book.

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