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Lucien Guenther is the CEO of Cascada Encantada Winery, and his ideas for growing the company have made it not only the oldest winery in Cascade, Texas, but the most successful. Of course, his brothers get mad because he comes up with ideas from his home in San Antonio, and leaves all the work to them. 

But Lucien loves his life, both as a leader and as a city-dweller. He likes Cascade fine, but the city offers more excitement, and more variety, especially of the female variety. 

At his parents’ renewal of vows ceremony, however, he lays eyes on Grace Moreno, the girl who was his main competition all through high school. Student council, band chair, scholarships—there was nothing he could win easily without her vying for the same goal.

She’s grown into a gorgeous, confident woman, and he can’t keep his eyes off of her.

Grace Moreno is a mess. She’s a newly single parent who has moved back home because she can’t afford Austin real estate on her income. In fact, just receiving an income is a challenge. She’s living with her parents and her increasingly defiant nine-year-old daughter, and the last thing she needs is for Lucien Guenther to know she failed at something. 

He falls into the same pattern of creating challenges for her to match, and she actually thrives on it, especially when she bests him, and he has to pay the penalty by working in the yard of her newly purchased house.

The more time they spend together, the more they come to look at each other in a new way, and suddenly the challenges become less of a chance to best each other, and more a chance to entice each other.

But can the excitement last? Can he give up his carefree life to become the man she and her daughter need?

August 7
MJ Fredrick
Mary Fechter

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