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Lila needs to pay her soul-crushing debt. Pierre needs a wife. Maybe they can help each other. 

Once she finishes these renovations, Lila can finally sell the money pit she’d been living in and get back on her feet. But on box store wages, that'll take decades. Then her friend Pierre proposes the perfect solution.

Pierre needs a green card. If Lila marries him, he’ll pay to create her dream home. Win-win, right? One problem: who is going to believe the gorgeous, brilliant investment banker fell for plain little Lila? Everyone, if the two of them have any say in it. 

Not even their closest friends or family can suspect the truth. Lila fakes the walk of shame, feigns total surprise at Pierre's staged public proposal, and plans their wedding with a single-minded determination rivaled only by her pet Yorkie begging for treats.

Their staged relationship is so perfect, Lila starts to believe it’s real. Then Pierre’s brother drops a bombshell: they are royalty, princes of a tiny island nation, and Lila is decidedly not princess material. 

Now, instead of studs and sandpaper, Lila finds herself worrying about titles and tiaras. Will Lila get her happily ever after, or will her prince decide she's not so charming after all?

"Heffernan has a way with the back-and-forth banter that I love to read between characters...This really was a sweet, funny, five-star experience!" - Sara, Chick Lit Central


"Wonderful banter and I loved all the quirky characters." - Comfy Chair Books


"Heffernan has a way with the back-and-forth banter that I love to read between characters, and what I really like is when the protagonist discovers new things about themselves that really creates the character evolution I hold so dear to my heart." - The Book Bag


"If you enjoy the hugely popular royal romance genre then you will enjoy this :) ...Laura is a 'new to me' author and I really enjoyed her writing style." - Jo, Reading is My Bliss

November 23
Empress Books
Laura Heffernan

Customer Reviews

bassnharp ,

A warm read for a cold day

“My dream question-popping probably didn’t involve being covered in construction dust and the word ‘felony.’” Lila is up to her eyeballs in student debt and the home renovation project her brother had bamboozled her into undertaking. Pierre’s work visa is expiring. Marrying each other could solve all of their problems. Instead, they inherit a host of new ones.

Much of the book’s tension builds from the actions of their family members, people who have failed to support them throughout their lives. Thankfully, Lila and Pierre have chosen families—best friends and housemates—who are at the ready to help when things get tricky.

Lila and Pierre are easy to fall for, and their reasons to resist falling for each other despite how perfect they are together remain plausible through each twist and turn in the story. “A Royal Farce” is a delightful mashup of the fake relationship and the romance between a royal and a commoner tropes. Add in a friends-to-lover plot line (they’re next-door neighbors!) plus lots of wit and heart, and you have a fun, heart-warming read.

Dee Kamera ,

Nostalgic for Boston

This was a quick and enjoyable read. It had the right mix of romantic fantasy, sexual tension, humor, and real life situations like running late for work and bickering with family. The setting of Boston added a lot of local flavor. I’m looking forward to reading her other books.

DunksRoxks ,

On bended knee…

Everyone loves a love story. And nothing is as romantic as someone professing their love on bended knee. As someone who is old & has had knee replacement, a bended knee is a very generous gesture. Love is love. And sometimes love hurts. But love is always worth it!

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