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After finishing veterinary school, Delaney has moved back to her hometown in Montana to follow her passion: caring for animals and getting her veterinary license. She plans on having her own clinic one day. But things aren’t going her way. Someone seems to have it out for her, terrorizing her at every turn. Just how far is her tormentor willing to go? Does he want her dead, or just scared? Trying to protect herself, she can’t help but run into people from her past, including Colton Laughlin, her childhood crush turned sheriff. Colton is one of the four Laughlin Brothers whose family she knows quite well.

In A SEAL to Watch over Me, Delaney tries to maintain her tough-girl persona while diving headfirst into her own past. Her past involved an abusive alcoholic father and a mother who was as abused as her. She also has a brother whom she never really got along with one way or another. She was too busy dodging her father’s wrath. Luckily for Delaney, she’d had Colton and his family to be her retreat when she had needed one. They never judged her, or the poverty and abuse she lived in. They were just there. That’s when, at a very naive age, Delaney had made a move on Colton at a high school dance in which he had turned her down flat in front of his friends. Delaney left town for college, not trusting any man, and veterinary school hadn’t changed that. Can she overcome her own issues with men to let her guard down when it comes to Colton, or will her well-constructed walls protect her from him and whoever is out to get her?

November 20
Page Publishing, Inc.
Ingram DV LLC

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