A Second Cup of Hot Apple Cider: Stories to Stimulate the Mind and Delight the Spirit

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Life isn’t fair. We all know that.

Bad things happen to good people. We feel alone and vulnerable. Things that should work fail. Families fall apart. We hear words we don’t want to hear. We lose people we care about. At times, we all struggle to go on. And yet… there is always hope.

In this book, 37 writers share more than 50 stories of hope with you.

Our writers have learned that no one is every truly alone. That, with a little help, we can enjoy life again. Find ways around obstacles. Forge new friendships. Become a closer-knit family. Go on in spite of loss. Start over. Dream new dreams.

“A reminder that there is something good in the world.” Midwest Book Review

“Be sure to buy more than one, for you will probably have the urge to share this gem of a collection with others.” Faith Today Magazine

“The Bulletin Board” - Adele Simmons
“The Scavengers” - Judi Peers
“Lost: One Green Scarf” - Vilma Blenman
“Dazed” - Kevin J. Dautremont
“Fallout” - Heather McGillivray-Seers
“A Shout in the Dark” - Heidi McLaughlin
“Holding His Hand” - Mary Ann Benjamins
“Chrysalis: Life in the Making” - Ruth Smith Meyer
“The Forever Kind of Love” - Ruth Smith Meyer
“Life with a Capital ‘L’” - Jeannie Lockerbie Stephenson
“My Mother’s Gift” - Ann Brent
“Live Life to the Full” - Evangeline Inman
“Two Men Ahead of Their Time” - Connie Brummel Crook
“What Is Thy Neighbour’s, Do Not Covet” - Paul M. Beckingham
“Twenty-five Years Later” - N. J. Lindquist
“On Being Still and Knowing” - Glynis M. Belec
“If Heaven Were Strawberries” - Bonnie Beldan-Thomson
“When You’re Understood…” - Ed Hird
“True Thanksgiving” - Rosemary Flaaten
“Mrs. Onley’s Funeral” - Ron Hughes
“Life—Interrupted” - Johanne E. Robertson
“More Than One Way” - Ruth Smith Meyer
“Seeing the Heart of God” - Gloria V. Phillips
“The Road Trip That Wasn’t” - Janet Sketchley
“Active Surrender” - Brian C. Austin
“Surviving with a Woman of a Certain Age” - Denise Budd Rumble
“Careful What You Whisper” - T. L. Wiens
“A Personal Makeover—Inside and Out” - Kimberley Payne
“What Do I Want to Be When I Grow Up?” - Les Lindquist
“Visual Gymnastics” - Ann Brent
“My Parents, My Friends” - A. A. Adourian
“My Love Ladder” - Heidi McLaughlin
“Befriending the Beast” - Heather McGillivray-Seers
“The Best Recipe Around” - Rosemary Flaaten
“Bannock and Sweet Tea” - Dorene Meyer
“Dancing in the Kitchen” - Marcia Lee Laycock
“O Canada” - Marguerite Cummings
“Cries for Keyon” - Vilma Blenman
“Love in the Ice and Snow” - Bonnie Beldan-Thomson
“The Wheels on the Bus Go ’Round” - Angelina Fast-Vlaar
“Margie and Me” - Judi Peers
“When Grown Men Cry” - Brian C. Austin
“The Bathroom and the Neighbours’ Cat” - Bill Bonikowsky
“Thou Shalt Have No Gods But Me” - Paul M. Beckingham
“What’s Next?” - Jayne E. Self
“Forgiven” - Angelina Fast-Vlaar
“Praise from a Cantankerous Soul” - David Kitz
“Charlie” - Adele Simmons
“Soulmates - Wendy Elaine Nelles
“A Glimpse of Heaven - Donna Fawcett
“Morning Glory” - Judi Peers

Winner, Christian Small Publishers Gift Book Award.
Winner, 13 The Word Awards
Winner, BookFun Club Book of the Year, 3rd place

Nearly 45,000 print copies in circulation

Please note that there is a companion Discussion Guide, with questions related to each story.

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