A Sense of Duty A Sense of Duty
Volkov Bratva

A Sense of Duty

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Publisher Description

I was never supposed to marry Andrei Belov. He was meant to marry my beautiful sister. But she did something very wrong to have the man in charge of the Volkov Bratva change his mind. 

Now I’m married to a man many call a monster. He ignores me. I mean nothing to him. 

I’m trapped and alone in a loveless marriage. My parents don’t care. They have what they want. Andrei doesn’t like it when I have friends. He doesn’t like it when others take care of me. He claims not to have slept with my sister, but Bethany is still around to cause me trouble, to make me doubt. 

It all starts with a kiss to get what I want. If I kiss him, I'll get a reward, but soon the game changes.

I’m Andrei Belov’s wife. In this world, no one is safe, especially not me. I didn’t know it, but I have an enemy, one that wants me dead no matter the cost. I wasn’t supposed to marry into this family, but now, there is no way out.

March 7
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

Stgomez ,

Andrei and Adelaide

Andrei Belov was suppose to marry Adelaide’s sister Bethany. However the perfect daughter (not so perfect) messed up and Adelaide is forced to marry Andrei by her parents for money and power. Once Adelaide meets Andrei she is not what he wants, he keeps her locked up in his penthouse to keep her safe. I didn’t read the first book, but you can still read this as a standalone. This is a slow burn and action pack. Heart racing and sitting at the edge of your seat.

sisters_70s ,

A Sense of Duty

Adelaide and Andrei’s story has them marrying but not for love but because her sister was supposed to marry him. But these two are so good together. She sees him and helps open him up to what happened to him as a child. These two have to overcome a lot.

I received a free copy of this book via Evernight and am voluntarily leaving a review.

anij822 ,

Finally Another Volkov Book!

“He knew how hard I fought against this pull that Adelaide had over me.”

Finally we get another Volkov Bratva book. I feel like I’ve been waiting forever. No, it’s not Ivan’s story. I guarantee Sam’s going to save him for last. To be honest I kind of expected the second book would be about Andrei and Adelaide, seeing as how we saw their beginning in the first book.

I’ll admit, Andrei was just one surprise after another. He was nothing like I expected. I actually really liked him and it turned out he and Adelaide were really cute together. Adelaide was exactly how I thought she would be. She had a lot in common with Aurora, though in many ways her situation is worse. Her parents make Aurora’s look almost acceptable.

Just like the first book, this one has a ton of action with unexpected plot twists and lots of steam. It’s also on the longer side so it’s never rushed. There’s time for both character and story development, which makes it that much more enjoyable. Of course, the editing is typical of Sam’s books. I swear I don’t think she even uses one. But even that doesn’t lessen how good it really is.

Personally I feel the best thing in these books is Ivan. I absolutely adore the man! He doesn’t act in any way like a Bratva Pakhan. He’s usually very laid back and often amused. Kind and caring of those around him, it’s always a shock when his violent side shows itself, reminding us how he rose from nothing to become the most powerful man in the criminal world. He’s a huge meddler, always getting involved even when uninvited and clearly constantly planning. I bet there is nothing he does spontaneously. He’s a big old matchmaker as well. He truly cares for his brigadiers, almost in a fatherly way. In the Bratva world the Pakhan is sometimes called papa and that fits Ivan well. He said in the first book it is important to him that his men are happy and he really seems to choose the perfect wife for each one. I can’t wait until he finds his own HEA as he truly deserves it. In the meantime Ive is next. He and Lottie are going to make an interesting story. I loved how Ivan immediately realized how right they were for each other, even when I’m sure neither of them have any desire to be together. After that we’ll get the absent Victor and Peter as well, with Ivan being the final prize at the end. I just hope we don’t have to wait two years for each book to be released. That would be pure torture.

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