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This book is an experimental first in its series and is free.

I started writing this book series when a friend of mine told me a story that-- according to him-- was true. It inspired me to write a series that delves into the connection between the spiritual and the psychedelic. I was just getting into chemistry as a cleaning chemical engineer when I came across the subject of non-recreational mind-altering drugs... While I give no comment on any of my personal experiences (or lack thereof) regarding this topic... The subject did make for a great book.

Val himself is an American Shaman-- and he characteristically blends many of the other-worldly or spooky aspects of what we think about when alone at night. It's the kind of character that has all the traits that can and should scare you-- but packaged and delivered in such a charismatic and charmingly familiar way that you can't view Val as anything but the protagonist of the story. Which is exactly what I am going for. The aim of the book's philosophical narrative is to wedge in open-mindedness towards readers who have yet to experience the psychedelic. It's to tie in religious belief and language with authentic phenomena that occur right within our own psyches.

We are made of chemicals. We experience everything about this dimension of the universe that we call reality though chemicals. Other dimensions and far more than we know are not light-years away; they are molecules away.

So follow a story that explores and explains these questions that we've designated as unsolvable. Explore the possibilities of life... and death... as you never have before. Don't just search for the supernatural; experience it.

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October 6
Bryan Smith
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