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She’s used to rescuing strays and injured animals, but she’s not prepared for the wolf-shifter passed out in her ditch.

Patience doesn’t always live up to her name and she wants the guy she brought home to sleep one off gone. She’s figured out what he is, and since she’s human and shouldn’t know his kind exists, she’s worried he’ll start asking all the wrong questions. Because that’s not the only secret she’s hiding. The sooner her stray gets going the better.

Malcolm was lost in so many ways when Patience woke him up in that cold ditch. Just when he’s ready dust himself off and go back to work finding his long-lost sister, he realizes the pretty human knows more than she’s letting on. Since his job to is to protect shifter-kind, it’s a handy excuse to hang around.

It’s hard keeping her private life private when Malcolm ingratiates himself so seamlessly into every part of it, and even worse when she likes it. But when their pasts clash with their present and her secret rescue work is exposed, danger claws at her doorstep. Will that be when Malcolm finally leaves her for good?

July 20
Marie Johnston
Smashwords, Inc.

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exciterose45 ,

A shifter’s salvation

Malcolm is a guardian but was at loose ends because his twin was mated, he was looking for his sister. Patience picked up strays and injured animals and she picked Malcolm up from her ditch and took him home because he was injured and drunk. He first was going to erase their minds when he found out that they knew about shifters when they weren’t supposed to. Then he also found out what her and her brother did at the center, who all they helped he decided to help them after some problems they had. They were mated when things got sorted out and so was her brother and he found his sister.

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