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Winner of 5 parenting awards including: Mom's Choice, National Parenting Publications, SheKnows Parenting Award & Editor's Choice. A positive approach to parenting.

As soon as that plus sign first appears (whether long-awaited or a total surprise!), your life becomes a whirlwind of advice, expectations, and uncertainties. 

A Simple Guide to Pregnancy & Baby's First Year is like your best friend who's been there before: this book will make you laugh, while giving you the real answers and seasoned solutions that all new moms are looking for. 

Simple steps to better health and happiness for you and baby.
Solutions for each trimester, including how to ace the worry factor.
Nutrition guidelines that are good for you and your budget.
A month-by-month guide to developmental milestones for baby's first year.
Quick & Easy tips for breastfeeding, sleep training and going back to work.
Much, much more!

April 21
Don't Sweat It Media, Inc.
Dont Sweat It Media, Inc.

Customer Reviews

MelisaCastillo ,

Great read!

As a new parent I really loved this book and has really helped me with my newborn. Feel like I learned a lot from this book as well as getting a little more sense and calm about having a newborn baby !

Pourgeorge ,

Unbacked, out-dated information

It's just one woman talking about her personal experience with pregnancy sprinkled with the same general recommendations on pregnancy you can get basically anywhere. I've been doing a lot of research since getting pregnant, and the science available today simply doesn't back most of the information this woman provides. I suggest Expecting Better for more science-based information.

Other than that, it's just one woman's personal opinions and experiences. It's nothing significant or mind-blowing. And when she starts the book off by telling the story of how she became a real-life princess (for real), well - what better way to make your book totally unrelatable?

If you know even one person that has had a baby, no matter when they had it, don't bother buying this book. It won't tell you anything that any person that has ever had a baby couldn't tell you.

vtwinntantan ,

Good for dads as well!

I'll never carry a child but as a man, i found this book both informative and fun to read!