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The standard Koran is arranged by length of chapter. The longest chapter is at the beginning and the shortest chapters are at the end. This makes it confusing and hard to understand. Now you can read and understand A SIMPLE KORAN. The words of the Koran are woven back into the historical life of Mohammed. In actual fact, the Koran did unfold over the course of Mohammed's life. 

A SIMPLE KORAN recreates the historical order of the Koran of Mohammed's day. The first chapters start with Mohammed's first recitations and the last chapters are those he recited before he died. Mohammed's life gives the Koran clarity and meaning. It becomes a powerful, epic story. Read A SIMPLE KORAN. It will change the way you see the world's events.

Religion & Spirituality
July 1

Customer Reviews

Alaska99801 ,

A great way to read the Koran

A great way to read the Koran. In order and with its historical perspective side by side. Muslims don't like it because it truly shows how insane this book is. Well, the Judaic bible and the Old Testament are insane too, but not at the level of violence and total criminality that is in this book plus the New Testament redeems the crazy old one someway. Nowhere does the old or New Testament condone marrying children. But the Koran does. What does jesus say in the New Testament? Turn the other cheek. What does the Koran say about those that offend Muhammad? Kill them. Nice!

Can you imagine reading any book, the bible, arranged by the size of its chapters? Really, only in Islam would you see such a crazy thing.
Also, do you enjoy reading Don Quijote? In English? Did the spaniards tell you that you could only comprehend it if you where well versed in Spanish and then read it in its native language? Or Shakespeare can only be understood in English? Or Aristotle in Greek? And remember that all those works I named above are much more complex than the language the Koran is written. Muhammad didn't know nuances, or subtleties, he went always for the jugular.
So please Muslims do not tell me that I need to read this work in Arabic. It doesn't fly.
By the way. The majority of Muslims are not Arabs and the majority of those do not read or speak Arabic, they just memorize and repeat the words in this book like a parrot. So don't tell me to read it in its original context when most Muslims haven't either.
Plus, here is the standard Muslim answer. You don't understand the Koran because you are a non believer. So for you only the believers can understand the Koran. Imagine Christians saying that absurdity.

IvySue ,

Not what I wanted.

I was looking for a version of the Koran that I, as a non-religious person, could understand. The description of the book sounded promising. But the author states that the book is about political Islam, not religious Islam, because "only Muslims are interested in religious Islam." Not true - I'm not Muslim but am actually looking for spiritual inspiration. After reading just the first few pages I knew this book wasn't what I wanted - it's clearly spreading fear more than understanding. The author may have valid points (I don't know enough about the topic to know) but I wish he'd provide his information in a less inflammatory way.

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