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*** 4 1/2 STARS from RT Book Reviews***

When you're a witch named Trouble, chaos follows.

Arden Lesstymine (known to everyone as Trouble) likes attention as much as the next girl, but this is getting ridiculous. When an insane stranger is murdered at the inn where she works, Trouble becomes the next Soulbearer for the disembodied god of chaos, Loku. Yes, it comes with the ability to channel the god's limitless power, but at the cost of her sanity -- literally. Now she has a sexy but cynical knight claiming to be her protector, a prince trying to seduce her to his cause (and his bed), and a snarky chaos god who offers a play-by-play commentary on it all, whether she wants to hear it or not. To make matters worse, a necromancer wants to capture the soul of Loku for his own dark purposes, and the only way he can get it is by killing her first.

April 2
Crista McHugh
Christy Gibson

Customer Reviews

Ham_mom ,


Excellent book! Exciting story and great characters! I couldn't put it down! If you want a page turner, definitely worth your time.

Highpockets4866 ,

A Soul for Trouble

A good read with just the right amounts of action, adventure, and romance to make it one of those " can't put down" stories.

LittleRootTown ,

3 1/2 stars⭐️

It was pretty good. From the plot, I thought it was going to be pretty different. I thought the prince was going to be one of those stupid, annoying, perverted princes that thought he could have whatever he wanted whenever, and that Arden wouldn't give him the time of day, but not the case. I have to say, I liked Loku and loved Dev. He reminded me of Batman. Sadly the middle of the book just seemed like filler and was pretty boring. I hated the prince and that Arden even liked him. The wolf was definitely the best character- but really- it's a wolf! What does this say about this author?
There's foul language for those of you who don't want it. And to clear things up for those who were confused like me until about halfway through the book (I got the first one right away): this is in medieval times and a different world. You're welcome!

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