A Spencer University Cozy Mystery Boxed Set A Spencer University Cozy Mystery Boxed Set

A Spencer University Cozy Mystery Boxed Set

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Education is important. Who knew it could be dangerous! Spencer University is just a regular small town college except for one tiny detail... dead bodies seem to pop up at an alarming rate. Join professors Olivia and Polly as they sleuth their way through each semester.

Death by Suspenders

This semester is a killer...

Instructors at Spencer University, Olivia and Polly are ready for a new and exciting fall semester.  But when one of their colleagues is found hanging in the academic building, the women quickly realize that this particular year is going to be a killer.  

Determined to uncover the motive behind the professor's murder, Olivia and Polly start gathering information.  Knowing he wasn't a beloved faculty member; they suspect foul play among their other co-workers. The campus is no longer a sanctuary of safety and academia, but now of suspicion and fear.  

But esteemed and intelligent college professors aren't murderers - or are they?

Textbook Murder

Summer semester.  An easy syllabus. And a super dead colleague....

Law professor Chloe Parsons loves the idea of starting slow and taking on a nice, easy summer class at Spencer University.  She hopes this one-year teaching commitment leads to a dream career of molding young lawyers into attorneys who change the world, one case at a time.  But when she discovers the body of a fellow law professor in his office, she realizes the summer semester is heating up.  

Knowing he was smack-dab in the middle of a high-profile embezzlement case, Chloe begins to delve into the facts.  As she begins to meddle, suddenly, someone is on to her.

Will Chloe uncover the truth behind the case before this semester is her last?

Killer Classes

A campus caper with a missing president...

All psychology professor Olivia Little wants is an easy and uneventful fall semester.  But when the president of the university doesn't show up for the annual fall kickoff meeting, Olivia's intuition kicks in. Something is definitely amiss. The president is always raring to go at these meetings.  

When the president's wife comes to Olivia for help, she can't ignore her gut.  As Olivia starts to dig into the president's affairs, one thing is certain:  someone doesn't want him found.  

Can Olivia use her sharp psychology skills to uncover the truth about the Spencer University's missing president?  

Christmas Caper

Star light, star bright, the Christmas lights don't shine tonight...

Event coordinator Penelope Hill at Spencer University thrives on turning her fundraisers into the biggest celebrations on campus.  This year's Christmas Lighting Ceremony is guaranteed to wow all the university's biggest financial supporters.  Penelope refuses to settle for anything less than spectacular.  

But when her Christmas sensation crashes and burns, psychology professors Polly and Olivia know someone is out to sabotage the university's most lucrative fundraiser.  

With the holidays nearing, can the professors get to the bottom of the Christmas catastrophe before it's too late?  

***Previously published under author name Laina Turner

Mysteries & Thrillers
November 21
New Pen Media, LLC
New Pen Media, LLC

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