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I am naked, bruised, and clutching a blood-stained Oscar statue.

I didn't mean to kill him. The last thing I want is the director of my film—my first big role—dead.

Now the cops are here, and even though it's obviously self-defense, I'm done for...my life is over. I'll never work in this town again even if I manage to avoid jail time. I'll be infamous instead of famous.

Temperance Johnson is straight out of central casting—a spy master with tiger's eyes and unnatural grace—a real killer.

He offers me a solution. He'll sweep all this under the rug and help me reach my goals if I work for him. Well, for the government. There is a long history of spies in Tinseltown; we have the perfect cover, and we're good at lying.

I always wanted to be a star, and I never considered becoming a spy.

Now I'm both.

***If you have trouble reading about violence against women, modern political themes, or sex (not graphic but out of wedlock).. then this series probably isn’t your thing. If you love powerful women, gritty thrillers, and vivid storytelling then download A Spy is Born today!***

Mysteries & Thrillers
April 4
Emily Kimelman
Emily Kimelman

Customer Reviews

lilbit of trouble ,

She did it again!

A Spy is Born hooked me from the first page. The fiction put with fact really made me think. I love Angela. I am anticipating the next book.
Emily is a fabulous writer of strong women. She inspires me to be a strong, don’t take any crap woman. Thank you Emily for inspiring women like me.
P. S. I suffered from a form of PTSD. I got Ketamine treatments and I’m doing so much better. They helped me immensely.
I can’t wait for book two of a spy is born.

ted 50 ,

Waste of time

Difficult read and no ending. First and only book from this author I will read.

neachdreamer117 ,

Action Packed

I read this book in one night and once again Emily Kimelman left me speechless. A Spy Is Born is unpredictable and action packed. The Editor’s Note at the end really made consider the current events in the world and how they influenced parts of this book. Emily is an outstanding writer and I really look forward to the next book in this series.

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