A Stop in Time

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USA Today bestselling author RC Boldt brings readers an intriguing paranormal romantic suspense in A STOP IN TIME…

I’ve been an outcast my whole life. If my scars don’t scare people off, my attitude certainly will.

I don’t know what I am or how I got the power to stop time. What I do know is, there are far too many questions I need answers to.

When I cross paths with Daniel Madrano, second-in-command of a notoriously violent gang, his presence unravels a part of my past I never knew existed.

He may be a criminal and a murderer, but he’s the first man to look at me and see beyond my scars.

As more of my memories rise to the surface, filling in the numerous gaps, danger only leaps closer. I’m faced with losing everything—including the first man I’ve ever loved.

But I should’ve known better. We were never meant to be more than a brief stop in time.

Fiction & Literature
February 21
RC Boldt Publishing LLC
RC Boldt Publishing LLC

Customer Reviews

Annie13:) ,

So dang good!

Every book RC Boldt writes becomes my newest favorite of hers. A Stop in Time is a remarkable five+ star story. Boldt gives us a mystery, suspense, romance and a bit of paranormal that grips you from the very first page. My heart was pounding at times through this book. Boldts writing makes you feel as if you are in the book with the characters. You go through every emotion and you can’t stop thinking about how this book may end. And as always RC Boldt makes your heart full!

Mackenzie “Mac” Ford runs the salvage yard and is a bit of a loner. Keeps to herself mostly. She’s scarred so she gets treated differently. But there are times when she can get a reprieve and no one knows she can do it.

Daniel Madrano is looking for clues to his sisters death. He’s the second in command for the gang The Scorpions. When he ends up in the same town looking for someone named Mac. She isn’t what he expected. Things change in an instant for these two.

Their banter back and forth makes you feel the sexual tension between them. Boldt knows how to get our engines revved and boy howdy, do these two have it going on. Boldt has given us a kick butt heroine and hero that lets her be herself, he just makes her all the better. I absolutely loved these two.

Highly recommended.

xrayer70 ,

A Must Read

A Stop In Time -- the story and characters will remain with me long after I closed the book. From the first page Ms. Boldt created a fictional world that pulls you in and won't let go until the last page. There were plenty of heart stopping moments. The character development and the world building makes this suspenseful read a 5+ star read for me. What I loved about this read: - Awesome characters - Suspense that will keep you guessing - Twists and turns that keep you turning the pages - The banter between Mac and Daniel - Danger - Mac and Daniel's attraction was on fire - The mystery of Mac's past - Some heart stopping moments that made me scared to turn the next page Kudos to Ms. Boldt for writing a unique romantic suspense that you won't want to put down. She certainly created a fictional masterpiece.

Stgomez ,

Mac and Daniel

Mackenzie “Mac” Ford has a dark past and an even darker secret. Although she suffers from memory loss due to traumatic events, she lives her life as an outcast.

Daniel Madrano, #2 man to The Scorpions leader Bronson Cortez gang. He finds out about the unfortunate death of his older sister Emilia. Astranged due to the abuse their father gave them and no wanting to be around him anymore. Anyways.I found this book interesting, a bit long since these is told by the POV of both this characters along with "Him" the mysterious person who is stalking both Mac and Daniel. Seeing how far they are willing to go to find the truth. I was thinking what this book reminded me of?? Captain American trusting his government to "test" on him to see There are those in this experiment affected differently. But as Mac goes on day by day, she is doing self mediiations to remember her terribling past she finds the truth of what happened to herl That the memories she remembers are not all truth. Oh man this got me and I didn't care for the steamy scene, it seemd forced and not really warrented. But i guess it's part of the story of Daniel and Mac.

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