A Story of Struggle

True Story

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Losses And Struggles;
Age 19, he lost his father, then six months later, lost his new born son, to a car crash and the love of his life. He says, he has not been the same since he lost them. Two years later, he had a court date to fight for his two boys, and lost the case because of his mental disabilty.

Enjoy the struggles is real story, of Rory Bressler.

It started back in 2014. I was at the weight 250 pounds. I woke up one morning choking. I couldn't catch my breath, as I found my self gasping for air. I suddenly came out of it, by the grace of God. I really seen the light of heaven, having had a spiritual awakening. So I really started living with it, every morning waking up to same thing, pretty soon it started being a fobia of mine. I couldn't even go to the doctors. Also, didn't want to share it with my friends and family, because the struggles of mine just begun.

One day I started eating, and then some odd reason I couldn't eat anything....
Breakfast was even hard for me to keep down. I couldn't eat durning the day, so I found myself falling back to reeses cups, as they were the only thing that coated my stomach, and made me feel full instead of empty.. You're probably asking why I didn't go to the doctors? Well, the reason is my pockets were empty, and my life was out of control. The struggles were huge, months after months, I started losing lot of weight, throwing up in the morning, feeling sick, and didn't want to leave the house for 6-9 months. All I wanted to do, is lay in the bed everyday. My bed had become my comfort zone. I seen my mother, and family crying, and she told me "Son, if you don't go see the doctors, you're going to die." Finally, my mother had seen enough, and she talked me into going, and seeing the doctors. They gave me 6 months to live, if things didnt change. Come to find out, I had some kind of bacteria in my system, and the doctors didn't know how, but it had to do with something I ate or drank. The doctors gave me some meds.

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Customer Reviews

Richard Shadow ,

Stand up for Real Christians

I am proud to be the first to review this “book”. First of all, I’m sure this will go down as a classic, much like The Cat in the Hat. Unlike The Cat in the Hat, which has a total of 61 pages this piece of “work” is a complete waste at 16 pages. The first section of the book is a one person pity party that was not proofread by anyone with any professional skill in doing so. I would venture to say that if the author took it to his kindergarten teacher to proofread she would have done a better job than him. Considering the lack of writing skill involved in the first section, the second section came as a real shock. I immediately realized that this part must be taken from someone else’s work. This was confirmed when Mr. Bressler talks about his other book, “Keeping Your Kids on God’s Side: 40 Conversations to Help Them Build a Lasting Faith”. I think to myself, self, this man must be serious about his religion. So, I turn to Google for answers. It seems that his other book was writing by a Ms. N. C. which would make it not his book at all. So, this gets me thinking. I wonder how much of his book he lifted from her like a common criminal, so back to Google I go. It seems that the literate portion of the book was lifted from a June 16, 2014 blog entry by Ms. C. It can be viewed by searching for "5 things to do when you're struggling with faith doubts".

If you are half the Christian that Mr. Bressler pretends to be, then you know that The Bible states in Leviticus 19:11 “You shall not steal; you shall not deal falsely; you shall not like to one another.” In purchasing this book you are doing just that. But, what about all the good he is doing for children’s hospitals you say? Maybe if you really cared about the hospitals you would take the money that you would have spent on this filth and donated it yourself. You are aware that only 20% goes to the hospitals, the remaining 80% is used to line Mr. Bressler’s wallet.

I hope that for his sake and the sake of all you that feel what he did is right and proper, that you come clean with yourself. As The Bible says in Proverbs 10:2 “Treasures gained by wickedness do not profit, but righteousness delivers from death.” Feel free to call me a hater. I don’t hate, I just hope and pray for the eternal soul of Mr. Bressler that he makes amends for his transgressions before it is too late for him to do so.

I hope that Mr. Bressler realizes that, someday, this will all get back to Ms. C. In my personal opinion, I hope she waits until he reaches his goal of millions of people. It will make the lawsuit all the more worthwhile, then she can donate all of Mr. Bressler’s ill gotten riches to Children’s hospitals.