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An Amish Christmas Romance Collection You Won't Want To Miss!

I Hear Christmas
What’s more important—what everyone else thinks, or what you hear from your heart?
Joy Schwartz has always loved to sing, ever since she was little and her teacher taught her to yodel. She’s thrilled when she’s asked to help with the Christmas program the Amish school is putting on—even more so when she finds Lucas Wickey has also volunteered to help.

Despite being “slow,” Lucas can sing better than anyone in Swan Creek Settlement. As her feelings for him grow, she must decide what’s more important—what everyone else thinks, or what she’s hearing from her heart.

A Christmas Courtship
Three generations of Swiss Amish courtship practices come together to make this touching, yet humorous romance.
When a house fire brings her ex-beau’s family to live with her temporarily, Tabitha Hilty is forced to confront the reasons she and Isaac broke ties in the first place. But in a house full of seventeen people—two suffering from dementia, and a pet squirrel to boot—there’s no room for petty squabbles. The tight living arrangement will either force forgiveness, or ruin everyone’s Christmas. Or will she find there’s a spark left in their relationship after all?

The Christmas Stranger
The Englisher was the perfect person to help her leave, only he had secrets of his own.
Maddie Graber has had it with farm life and is moving to Asheville. Ever since her brother Thomas left her with all his chores she’s been thinking on it. But when Dat hires an Englisher to be his new farm hand, Maddie begins to second-guess her decision. Life on the farm is no longer boring, but can the stranger fix everything else that’s wrong with the place, and will he capture her heart in the process?

Get all three Amish romances in one box set!

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April 7
Tattie Maggard
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