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One of the most famous works of fiction ever written, A Tale of Two Cities presents a portrait of Paris and London in the years before and after the French Revolution. It follows a pair of protagonists, the French aristocrat Charles Darnay and the British barrister Sydney Carton, as their lives are dramatically altered by the wrath of the revolutionaries. A Tale of Two Cities addresses the fundamentally dual nature of humanity, and a reflects on what it means to do the right thing, regardless of how the world perceives it.

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December 20
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Customer Reviews

Mangonator ,

My favorite book

I had to read this book in high school for extra credit to make up for skipping so much class. Started reading around 8p one night and stayed up all night to finish. It's not a fast, fluid read. It just kind of creeps up on you without your realizing. It's slow and paced but so rich in detail (without being laborious) and thick in plot that it's impossible to put down. Ten years later I've probably read it at least 5 times over and I never start reading it unless I know I can afford to finish it as well. It's just one of those great books. Because of this book, I've read all of Dickens' works. This is still by far my favorite.

Dreamsleeves ,

Just started reading. Loving it!

I just started reading I’m on page 14 right now. I am super loving it so far :) Great book. I’m only 10 years old and I like it ( I’m going to 6th grade in a few months) I hope I keep loving this book because I need something to read when I’m bored if I’m not watching Netflix or playing video games. When I finish the book I’ll be making another review. But still, for now I’m recommending this book for those people who love to read and enjoy doing it.

MacMan9876 ,

So glad I read this !

I began reading this book over 30 years ago when I was in college. Back then, I stopped reading after the first couple of chapters because I thought it was too boring. But now, I decided to read the whole book if it killed me. Man, am I glad I did !!! It does in fact start out rather slowly, but don't give up ... Charles Dickens is just building a foundation for the story & developing the characters. By the end of the book, you feel as if you personally know these people. And you have a vested interest in their well-being. This book is a MUST read.

A side benefit is that you will understand the forces behind, and the reason for, the French Revolution. There are implications for today. If the poor in society are oppressed beyond all hope, and are mistreated by the "haves", there could be dire circumstances for all of society.

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