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In the tradition of her acclaimed mother, Ann Rule, author of The Stranger Beside Me, bestselling author Leslie Rule exposes the trail of a sadistic sociopath, identity thief, and killer . . .
It was a bleak November in 2012 when Cari Farver, thirty-seven, vanished from Omaha, Nebraska. Texts sent indicated that the hardworking mother had quit her job, abandoned her son, and cut ties with everyone. Cari’s boyfriend, Dave Kroupa, accepted the breakup at face value. Her mother, Nancy Raney, however, had doubts. “I need to hear your voice,” Nancy begged. When the texter refused to speak, Nancy reported Cari missing.  
While no one saw or spoke to Cari, more than 12,000 sinister emails and texts were sent in her name over the next years. Police believed Dave and his girlfriend, Shanna “Liz” Golyar, when they reported that the missing woman was cyberstalking them. The tormentor was eerily aware of Dave’s every move, knew when Liz visited and threatened the couple. It never occurred to Dave that Cari was a victim—that the real stalker had killed before, and was planning to kill again.
Leslie Rule tracks the heart-pounding path to long-awaited justice—from a twisted past to the deadly deception and the high-tech forensics that condemned the killer to prison.
“Rule's first true crime book hits the mark.”
Katherine Ramsland, author of

Confession of a Serial Killer: The Untold Story of Dennis Rader the BTK Killer
“A deft, fascinating true crime story of obsession.”
—Library Journal (Starred Review)
With a New Update by the Author
Includes Reading Group Guide

April 28
Citadel Press
Kensington Publishing Corp.

Customer Reviews

Insertsassyname ,

True crime

I like true crime. I like books where I get into the kind of a criminal or even the victim as morbid as that sounds. My mom is constantly watching ID and I absolutely love true crime.

When I found out this was her first true crime story, I was genuinely shocked, it was really good! The preface had nothing to do with the story, except an explanation on why the story came to be, and from there I was hooked!

What a rollercoaster! I loved every second, it’s been awhile since I read a book as fast as I read A Tangled Web! We all hear of online dating nightmares, and it was so different to read through one of those dating nightmares, kind of knowing what was going to happen, and still just sitting there for hours after it was over.

All in all, a very solid read!

charlieknits ,

A Tangled Web

Great work! Certainly your Mothers daughter! <3

Shelly92084 ,

A Tangled Web Review

*Thank you to Bookish First for my free review copy*

This year I have decided to read more true crime books and after reading this blurb I wanted to check this book out. The story had a slow start and I felt it focused too much on the little things that weren't really relevant to the story. As I kept reading the story picked up and I can't believe this really happened. This book is like a real life “Lifetime” movie! I didn't really care for Dave as I read. My heart broke for Nancy as she searched for answers about her missing daughter. She knew something wasn’t right and the police department kept rebuffing her claims. This was my first time reading a book by Leslie Rule and it wasn't a bad read. The story was able to hold my attention. I did feel the last few chapters were sort of rushed but I wouldn't be against reading another book by this author.

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