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Jasper Jameson has spent his life caring for others, knowing that one day he might be blessed with his mate. He’s fought alongside his family and Pack for over a century but it isn’t until he meets a human who makes his wolf growl, that he knows that there’s something more than fate worth fighting for.

When Jasper walks into Willow Delton’s bakery she knows there’s something different about him. But every time he walks back out again, she doesn’t know what to think. When he finally finds the strength to ask her out, a new enemy in Jasper’s life has other plans.

A dangerous Pack is on the prowl and they’ve not only threatened the Redwood Pack but brought a demon into the fold as well. Forced into a new way of life, Jasper and Willow must fight not only for their lives but their weakening mating bond. Trust takes time but the two of them might not have as much as they need.

August 22
Pink Ink Books
Carrie Silverstein

Customer Reviews

Aedriftboy ,

Growlingly great!

Good story, yes some typos but I loved the Beta and his mate’s story. Seems a gap in the story, mate doesn’t tell them or remember everything she was told by the bad guys...HEA with a slight cliffhanger if interested. Good read!

village55 ,

A taste for a mate

Loved the characters Jasper and Willow, and the storyline. But as I have often stated I am not a fan of books that leave you hanging at the end. I prefer stories with an ending so that I have the choice to decide if I wish to purchase the next book in the series. But that being said I loved this book, it was exciting, and a great read!!

MrsDaysOut ,

English 2nd language?

As other reviewers had mentioned...

This book is written as if English is the author’s second language and didn’t have someone edit before publishing.

This story is very surface level and lacking in character and scene development. The author even skimmed over the gory parts of the story line, which actually left me bored and somewhat confused.

This book is very tough to get through. I almost wish I hadn’t pushed through, as I feel the ending wasn’t worth the effort.

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