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Love and Betrayal…Regency style

A young woman of noble blood, raised as a peasant girl…

An orphaned stable boy, now grown and the surrogate son of a powerful earl—the same earl who just so happens to be the young woman’s father…

Francie Jordan and Alexander Bishop have nothing in common—she runs barefoot and talks to animals. He won’t loosen his cravat unless the bedroom door is firmly closed. She believes in love, second chances, and happily ever after. He believes in keeping a safe distance from anything that resembles an emotion. Indeed, they have nothing in common but an undeniable desire for one another they can’t ignore, and an ailing “father” who will employ any means to bring them together. 

Unfortunately, not everyone wishes to see a union between Francie and Alexander, and they will stop at nothing to keep this couple apart.

An Unlikely Husband Series:

Book One: A Taste of Seduction (Francie & Alexander’s story)

Book Two: A Touch of Seduction: a novella (Ariana & Jason’s story)

Book Three: A Scent of Seduction (Julia & Jon’s story)

Book Four: A Breath of Seduction (Sophie & Holt’s story)

Book Five: A Dash of Seduction (Madeline & Douglas’s story)

Bonus Material: Included in this eBook is a sample of A Touch of Seduction, An Unlikely Husband, Book 2.

May 28
Mary Campisi Books, LLC
Mary Campisi Books, LLC

Customer Reviews

magslujan ,

A Taste of Seduction

Enjoyed this story very much, I have read some of your other books and am never disappointed, I highly recommend all your books I have read, this one is very beautiful, I loved it!!

sbsbrinson ,

Great historical romance

Alexander and Francie are two really great characters surrounded by several who love them and some obsessed with them! Love the story and them!

QEvilina ,

A true taste of seduction

Really good book. I think the hero and my favourite character is Lord Montrose and his conspiring skills ❤️. He was just the best

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