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“Cradit's delivery of mystery and intrigue is flawless.”- Elizabeth Burgess, Author of the Counterplay series

“Be still my heart. Nicolas Deschanel is back and better than ever.”- Melannie Savell

Nicolas Deschanel spent thirty-two years holding court as the princeling of New Orleans and heir to his family’s dynasty, with no obligations beyond his own pleasures. Following a storm of events, his rock bottom leads him back to his family, where he finds redemption in contrite service. Paired with the pragmatic Lauren—who is deeply skeptical of his reformation—the two spend their days in seclusion, cultivating the lofty research goals of the Deschanel Magi Collective.

Charlotte Fontenot is calculated and driven in her approach to her mission in Paris. With help from her cousin Julian, they follow Gabrielle and Lawrence Henry, siblings whose unusual behavior has caught the attention of witches in Paris. The cousins quickly realize neither sibling is what they seem, and Charlotte’s fearlessness leads her closer and closer to mysterious philanthropist Lawrence.

With Charlotte and Julian settled in Paris, Nicolas and Lauren shift their focus to a special, secret project: quietly and carefully investigating the women of the powerful LaViolette family, distant cousins of the Deschanels. This assignment quickly leads them down a dangerous path, one where turning back is no longer an option. Events in both New Orleans and Paris begin to spin wildly beyond the control of all involved, and when the dust settles, nothing will ever be the same.

From USA Today bestselling paranormal author Sarah M. Cradit comes a thrilling new series, Midnight Dynasty.

“No shortage of drama, danger, twists and turns as the story progresses towards what turns out to be an explosive finale that has me completely hooked - I really NEED to know what happens next after the complete surprise that knocked me sideways at the end of this book.”- Amazon Review

Dive into the secret, ancient, powerful world of two New Orleans families, the Deschanels and the Sullivans...

Midnight Dynasty Series:

This is the recommended reading order for the series.

A Tempest of Discovery

A Storm of Revelations

More to come…

The Saga of Crimson & Clover:

A sprawling dynasty. An ancient bloodline. A world of magic and mayhem.

Welcome to the Saga of Crimson & Clover, where all series within are linked but can be equally enjoyed on their own.

Series List: 

The House of Crimson & Clover Series 

The Seven Series 

The Midnight Dynasty Series 

Vampires of the Merovingi Series 

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January 22
Sarah M. Cradit
Sarah Marie Cradit

Customer Reviews

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Another amazing journey...

I was super excited to crack open this new series from author Sarah M. Cradit. She did not disappoint!
Be still my heart..Nicolas Deschanel is back and better than ever. He and Lauren Weatherly get in over their heads as they investigate the LaViolettes.
Charlotte Fontenot has become a new favorite of mine. She and Julian make the perfect team as they follow Gabrielle and Lawrence Henry around Paris.
Mrs. Cradit finishes off her newest masterpiece with a special surprise ending. I was blown away and left longing for more.

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