A Thief Consumed

International Thief Book Two

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Terrorists and United States Special Forces descend on Paris when Lola Parks stumbles upon top secret information that could get her killed.


Lola Parks has waited twelve years to exact revenge against the man who destroyed her family and compelled her into a nomadic life as a master thief, stuck in a constant cat-and-mouse game to avoid Interpol. When she breaks into Claude Marquis’ wine cellar to steal a crate of extremely valuable wine—the last of her family’s legacy—Lola stumbles across highly classified information that could get a national leader, and Lola herself, killed.


Dimitri Tobias forced himself apart from Lola for more than a year, terrified he would lead Jack Barnes, a British crime boss who wants Lola dead, to her doorstep. But when Interpol approaches Dimitri with new evidence about Lola’s crimes, and terrorists blow up her Paris flower shop, Dimitri realizes Lola needs him now more than ever.


The problem? It’s going to take a lot more than the threat of prison or terrorists’ wrath to scare Lola back into Dimitri’s arms.


Can Lola let go of her anger toward Dimitri and her need for revenge long enough to escape the men who want Lola dead? Or will she find that Dimitri’s desires for her are far more dangerous?


In A Thief Consumed, Parks abandons her unrealistic desire to break away from a life of crime. Instead, she discovers being a well-known, internationally-wanted thief just might get her exactly what she wants. 


Download A Thief Consumed, and raise a toast to friendships betrayed, plots of political assassination laid, and debts of revenge repaid. You’ll be up all night drinking in this one!

October 9
Sun Publishing
Heather Sunseri

Customer Reviews

Erin Knoop-Barker ,


EXCELLENT READ!!!! I cannot get enough of Lola! I love her! Her backstory is heart-wrenching; her strength is empowering; her ability to transform herself is captivating! Pair her with the heart throb of Dimitri and I couldn't put the book down! Plus, Heather left readers with a cliffhanger at the end of "A Thief Revealed," so I really couldn't wait to get my hands on this book! An excellent, page-turning thriller! I am anxiously waiting for the next book in the series! Plus, I'm sooo hoping that Brooke and Declan begin to make appearances in this series, and vice versa! I love them all so much!

Blaue1 ,

Love Dimitri and Lola!

Heather Sunseri did it again-I could not put this story down and read it in a few days. I love Dimitri and Lola together. It’s a very exciting and fun book. It is a lovely escape from reality.

She takes you on a thrilling adventure filled with love, romance, heists, double crossings and more! I highly recommend this book.

Kris Anderson, The Avid Reader ,

Second book in International Thief series!

A Thief Consumed by Heather Sunseri is the second novel in the International Thief series. It has been a year since we last saw Lola Parks with Dimitri in the south of France. Dimitri disappeared, and Lola has not seen him since then. Her mentor, Elisa Garment has been training her to liberate a rare blue diamond. Reynard Jules has a special opportunity for her, and it is one that Lola has been wanting for twelve years. Claude Marquis has recently obtained the remaining six bottles of a limited edition Bordeaux that Lola’s father created. Lola blames Claude for her father’s death and cannot wait to acquire the wine. Reynard insists that she also procure the Paul Gauguin from Claude (of course). In disguise at a dinner party, Lola sneaks into the wine cellar and locates the wine. She is only able to hide it and grab an envelope from the crate before she must depart. It turns out that the envelope contains papers that several parties are desperate to obtain. Dimitri left Lola to keep her safe and he has been keeping an eye on her from a distance. But when shots ring out at her shop, he quickly jumps into the fray. Dimitri is then approached by Interpol who is close to identifying Lola. They have an offer for the pair. Lola’s heart was broken by Dimitri and she is not about to let him right back into her life. She will have to figure out what to do while staying one step ahead of the interested parties. Join Lola and Dimitri as they fight for their lives in A Thief Consumed.

A Thief Consumed is a fast-paced romantic suspense novel. We get to know more about Lola and her upbringing, and her family. It explains how Lola became a thief and why she is estranged from her family. I recommend reading the books in the International Thief series in order. Otherwise, you will be missing some key details. Declan is consulted by Dimitri in this installment for those of you who enjoyed the In Darkness series. I thought A Thief Consumed was well-written with plenty of action and plot twists. There are adult scenes that are for the mature audience. The point-of-view switches between Lola and Dimitri so you can see the story from each of their perspectives. It can be confusing especially when I put the book down and come back to it because then I must figure out which character is talking. The ending will have you chuckling and wondering what is in store for Dimitri and Lola next time.

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