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These are a few of the lies we must believe if America’s political system, culture and world dominance is to endure. Our faith in them insures we never question who we are, how we live or the world we have made.
This list is for all Americans, be they progressive, conservative, moderate or radical. It is guaranteed to offend everyone, regardless of ideology.

Politics & Current Events
December 15
Elderberry Press
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Customer Reviews

justanothersoul ,

OUCH! that hurt! I hate it when books make me think.

It's funny how many people this book ticks off. One might almost think they were threatened by the ideas in it. Hmm… Cognitive Dissonance anyone?

c-dogg3 ,

Description is right

I read until I read that "the U.S. Constitution is the law of the land" was a lie and I quit. How can the author be an American? It is disgusting .

LLesniak ,

Where's the meat?!

After reading 20 pages and then skimming through the rest of this "book," I must agree with the other reviewers: this is a compilation of numerous, unsupported opinions that anyone with the time could write down. Some are incredibly obvious lies like "Fast food is not poison." Other lies are just way out in left field like "God is on our side" or "Organ donorship is a bad thing"...really crazy conspiracy stuff or ignorant opinions. And then once in a blue moon you'll find a lie that you didn't think about before and is really profound...one that you think should be realize because societal action could improve the problem the lie exposes...but then there is no research or study to support it which adds to the pointlessness of this "book."

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