A Tryst By the Sea

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Vergilius, Viscount Summerton, has watched his wife grow more and more distant, and he’s determined that this year the marriage will start moving in a better direction. Penelope, Lady Summerton, is also determined that this year will be different. She slips off to a seaside cottage, intending that to be her first step toward a new life free of marital difficulties. Gill ends up at the same seaside inn, where he hopes to plot a wooing no wife can resist.

He’s determined to reconcile; she’s determined to pack his bags, but then the magic of the Siren’s Retreat begins to steal over them both…

October 3
Grace Burrowes Publishing
Grace Burrowes Publishing

Customer Reviews

Old guy in Fla ,

A Tryst by the Sea by Grace Burrowes

I absolutely loved this story of Penelope & Gill, a couple about to celebrate 10 years of marriage❣️ It is beautifully written by Grace Burrowes & I highly recommend it to everyone‼️👏.

Penelope & Gill were happy together until something happened to them after one year, then Gill lost his father making Gill the new Viscount Summerton! He then had to leave Pen in a sad state to learn his duties at the family estate‼️

Throughout the next 9 years, the couple struggled, but it wasn’t until their 10th anniversary loomed, that they each left London only to end up in the place they were happiest!❣️

Grab your copy of A Tryst by the Sea to find out if Penelope & Gill have the courage to talk of their painful past, to compare memories & find out what really happened when they were so young & in love‼️ I believe you’ll agree with my 5-star rating! Enjoy❣️👏.

Carol R.

Marina Ariadne ,

3.75, if only I could

This novel features the Catch-22/Big Misunderstanding as the root of the need for a second chance, when busybodies with their own agendas give spiteful advice to a husband and a wife, separately of course, after the death of their new child. They are made to feel that they shouldn’t actually talk to each other about what happened, and thus there are two people made miserable who could have nipped things in the bud had they actually spoken to each other.

The story was good, and the couple did eventually break out in actual communication. There were a few anachronisms that jumped out and threw me out of the story.
•it is unlikely that a character in the Regency would eat something called a parfait, as the earliest recipe for one dates only to 1892. It would be called something else
•in Chapter 3, when Penelope is undressing, this phrase makes no sense to me: “she got the gown on over her jumps”
•in Chapter 6, the word “disrespecting” is used. Sorry, this is late 20th c. at the earliest. “Usurping” is period-appropriate
•on the next page, a bottle of Merlot is mentioned. In the US, , the grape varietal is used as the name, but in France, it’s the region, or “claret” would be used
•in Chapter 7, the use of “good tucker” is an Australian term, not earlier than 1850—thus anachronistic as well as not to be used in polite British-English speech.

It’s a sweet, in the old sense, story—there is sexual activity, so it’s not heat-level ”sweet”. The busybodies do get their comeuppance, and while you can expect the couple gets back together, they do so gradually and present a united front by the end of the novel.

The four novels are standalones, for the most part, but #2 should be read before #4.

E B Darcy ,

A Tryst By the Sea

This novel truly brought me to tears throughout the story. The author truly made me feel the heartache, their doubts, their questions, their fears and the misunderstandings within their relationship that almost destroyed their love. You feel their pain and and their fear of losing the love they once shared and I waited breathlessly hoping for their love to endure. If you love stories of a love that overcomes, this is a MUST read!

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