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Facing a lonely Christmas Eve, Devin O’Hannigan accepts a stranger’s invitation to a private holiday party—hoping to score. But when the merriment takes a bizarre twist, he retreats by himself to call it a night... Until his attention is captured by a teary-eyed Santa in a very short skirt.

Holly’s quest to find herself again ends in a disastrous Christmas date, leaving her discouraged and alone in a town far from home. But when her date returns, angry and violent, she’s rescued by a gorgeous stranger—the kind of guy she once would have pursued. But that was before.

Seeking cheer but preferring anonymity, they embark on an innocent game playing the roles of old friends catching up. Without encumbrances, honest conversations uncover hidden desires. Sparks fly, directing them to an outcome they hadn’t expected and shouldn’t pursue. But will it thrust them into each other’s arms or leave them longing for what could have been?

AUTHORS ADVISORY: While this romance is sweet, it's on the VERY spicy side. Additionally, this novella is set in the past and does not end in a typical HEA. BUT if you love this little taste of Devin, then stick around for more of him in The Perfect Storm Series.

November 21
Annalise Delaney
Annalise Delaney

Customer Reviews

Iraqideserthog ,

That awkward moment when...

Ok, so let me frame this for you so you can understand the impact of what I’m about to tell you.

I’m at my parents house and it’s Thanksgiving night. Everyone’s bloated and lounging around the house. Someone (a woman) told me to give this book a chance.

I’m a mystery/thriller kind of guy and seeing “Twisted & Christmas” in the title I figured what the heck, maybe Santa works for the CIA.

An hour later I look up and everyone in the room is starring at me. My mom asks if I’m ok. Apparently I was breathing hard. So I put the book away and finished it when I got home.

Annalise Delaney had me smelling strawberry’s and liking it! I hate strawberries!

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