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One opening paragraph, six unique stories...

What if you gave six authors the same opening paragraph and let their imagination fly? That’s what we’ve done in A Valentine from Harlequin: Six Degrees of Romance!

Experience the variety Harlequin romance has to offer with this collection of novellas from six Harlequin series, including the passionate drama of Harlequin Presents, steamy encounters of Harlequin Blaze, spooky and sensual tales of Harlequin Nocturne, and more.

Collection includes novellas by Nancy Warren, Catherine Spencer, Margaret Moore, Maggie Shayne, Michele Hauf and Christine Bell.

February 1
Harlequin Digital Sales Corporation

Customer Reviews

kc - minus the sunshine band ,

Cool Idea!

This was a very cute collection! It's more than the first paragraph that is the same, it's more like the first three paragraphs, but the stories really diverge from there. Historical romance, spies, zombies, contemporary life... It's all in here!

The spy story was quite good. Well fleshed out for the short length, and I wouldn't mind reading more of the characters.

The historical romance took a little bit longer than the others until I really KNEW that it was historical. Setting of the scene wasn't done very efficiently, but I really wanted to know why the guy was behaving like he was. The end felt like it was rushed, though. The story definitely needed more room.

I am not a fan of zombies anyway in my literature, but this one seemed less like a romance and more like a farcical comedy. That being said, it was funny and mildly entertaining.

All in all, these six stories are definitely worth the free download.

Karmacita ,


All the stories are exactly the same but with different titles. EXACTLY THE SAME.

dbjr88 ,

Six degrees of romance

I don't expect much in the really short stories....but some of these were awful. I felt like they were written by schoolgirls, not authors. Do not recommend.

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