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When Allie Reynolds strikes up an unlikely friendship with the contractor working on her house, Vinny Marino, she never expected how much he’d come to mean to her. So much separates them it seems impossible—he’s mourning his late wife, she’s trapped in a loveless marriage. Will they make the tough choices to give themselves a chance at love? Or will responsibility keep them from their happy ending?

AUTHOR’S NOTE: Allie and Vinny are the parents of the Reynolds-Marino clan in the Clover Park series. I hope you enjoy this sweet and steamy novella that shows where it all began! Plus, you’ll get a peek at their sons when they were still pups!

The Clover Park Series

Book 1: The Opposite of Wild 

Book 2: Daisy Does It All 

Book 3: Bad Taste in Men 

Book 4: Kissing Santa 

Book 5: Restless Harmony 

Book 6: Not My Romeo 

Book 7: Rev Me Up

Book 8: An Ambitious Engagement

Book 9: Clutch Player

Book 10: A Tempting Friendship

Clover Park Bride: A Clover Park Short

Book 11: A Valentine’s Day Gift

Book 12: Maggie Meets Her Match

February 5
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Nettie1114 ,


A Valentine’s Day Gift by Kylie Gilmore is a beautifully written heartwarming story of Alli and Vinny in how they fell in love. I loved reading about how the parents of the brothers Clover Park Studs series met. Alli is in a loveless marriage with 3 boys and Vinny a recent widower with 3 boys. They both respect marriage and Vinny gives Alli gives encouragement for her art through love letters. This book is one not to miss reading it is heartwarming! I received this book for free for a honest review.

kmmichels ,

Packed a Punch!

For a novella, this one packed a punch! Vinny and Allie were sweet and soulful, who were scandalous, but not really in the whole scheme of things. Their connection was immediate, but they knew where to draw the line. This was a sweet and sexy story. Love this series!

RomanceNovelGiveaways ,

I REALLY loved this book.

I REALLY loved this book.

This was a GENIUS idea. I was introduced to Allie and Vinny in the previous books in the series, but they were always just the parents; the wise grown-ups that hosted Sunday dinner and made Italian wedding cookies. I never considered that they would get their own "flashback" book about how they first met, but I am SO so happy they did!

This story was just so well done. First of all, Vinny was a gentleman. He opened doors, was chivalrous and thoughtful and Allie accepted his gestures. THANK YOU. She didn't get combative with him, all "I can open my own door, just because I'm a woman you think you have to open a door for me?" like so many heroines are in romances these days. Nope, the two of them made caring gestures back and forth and it was a wonderful illustration of their feelings for each other.

And holy smokes, when these two finally got their moment alone, WOW was that steamy! Leave it to Kylie to lure you in with a sweet story and then BAM! Set your book on fire.

I was nervous about Vinny because I don't prefer widow/widower stories. But. The matter of his deceased wife was an aspect that truly helped the story instead of hinder it.

I admired Allie's protectiveness when it came to her kids. She had to be super sure Vinny was the guy for her before she brought him around her kids.

Though not absolutely necessary to have read all of the books in the series first, I highly recommend reading all of them in at least some sort of order to "get the whole picture" of this wild family!

(I was given this book in consideration of my honest thoughts)

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