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Jean-Gabriel de Bourbon is a vampire, the product of a curse laid on him by his brother, Hugh Capet. As long as a Capetian descendant remains on the throne, Jean-Gabriel remains alive. For eight hundred years, he has lived beyond human law and beyond human love. Now, in 1788, the first rumblings of revolution darken his glittering, golden world. . .and a red-haired heiress makes him think twice about his vow never to love a mortal woman.

Marguerite de Clermont-Prince is an orphan, an heiress raised as a ward of the crown. She dreams of a carefree life on the stage, a life where she is free to be herself rather than the object of pursuit for every fortune hunter at court. But from the moment Jean-Gabriel’s lips touch her skin, she knows he is the one who could tempt her to give up her independence. . .if only she could dissuade a particularly amorous suitor, Etienne d'Orléans, long enough to learn the truth about Jean-Gabriel's deadly past.

When an accident gives him a taste of Marguerite's blood, Jean-Gabriel is haunted by it. Her blood speaks to him the way no mortal's has ever done, carrying her thoughts and emotions to him even when they are apart. As the pair surrenders to the siren song of forbidden love, a jealous Orléans manipulates Louis XVI into keeping the lovers apart by any means necessary.

Caught in the treachery of a corrupt court, Jean-Gabriel must also fight the gathering forces of revolution. He and Marguerite must find a way to stay alive, to stop the seemingly insurmountable wave of violence that threatens to destroy everything they love. Is love—even immortal love—strong enough to shape the world's destiny?

July 5
Jenni Wiltz
Smashwords, Inc.

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