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NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • The inspiration for Impeachment: American Crime Story on FX

The definitive account of the Clinton-Lewinsky sex scandals, the extraordinary ordeal that nearly brought down a president—with a new preface by the author that reframes the events in light of the Me Too movement

“A story as taut and surprising as any thriller . . . [an] unimpeachable page-turner.”—People

First published a year after the infamous impeachment trial, this propulsive narrative captures the full arc of the Clinton sex scandals—from their beginnings in a Little Rock hotel to their culmination on the floor of the United States Senate with only the second vote on presidential removal in American history. Rich in character and fueled with the high octane of a sensational legal thriller, A Vast Conspiracy has indelibly shaped our understanding of this disastrous moment in American political history.

Politics & Current Events
January 11
Random House Publishing Group
Penguin Random House LLC

Customer Reviews

Befferly ,

I wish i had read this then!

Every now and then you pick up a non-fiction book about something you think you already know about, and discover that your knowledge is too small, too shallow, and your world view is too provincial to even begin to absorb and analyze the vast and almost evil churning beneath the surface of the world. I was too far away to see this issue clearly at the time it happened, and i am too far away to see the truth of current events in the White House today. But i am gratified to read this well-written, well-researched, and well- meaning book, which has restored my confidence in my yammering inner voice, which without facts to back what is now revealed as true, concluded correctly what i could only imagine to be true at the time. For that reminder to honor my nose concerning judgement of current events, i thank this author, and will carry on much more confidently on my way henceforth.

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