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Naturally the Case has to go to Court. It's all been long since been announced in the text of Resolution 2231 – Obama's "Iran nuclear deal:" In that, the Security Council established its protocol for selling nuclear weapons associated assets along with ballistic missile associated assets to Iran in violation of the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons, the (Nuclear non-Proliferation Treaty; or NPT).
There's arms profiteering big money to be made in the "Iran nuclear weapons sales transfer deal," or so arms traders might speculate, Even further, as of 18 October 2020, the markets are opened to sell Iran combat aircraft, battleships, battle tanks; this list of conventional weapons classes sales goes on. The list is presented in this writing which quotes directly from Obama's Resolution 2231. Anyone can look up the accuracy of what is noted here.
Domestically, here in the United States, arms dealing interests are evidently frustrated by Trump's having pulled the U.S. out of the deal. Internationally, the tangible fear could be is that Trump might take the deal to the International Court of Justice and have the whole thing shut down for its illegality; for its menace to world peace.
Many of the U.S. electorate have problems with Trump; and we of the U.S. electorate have the right to question; or to remark upon our dissatisfaction. But this issue of selling nuclear weapons capacity to Iran is a different story. Most U.S. Citizens don't want their government or any other government involved in the proliferation of nuclear weapons to any State; much less Iran.
If there's anything to be done to put a halt to such activity; most people here should expect a U.S. President to do something about it. And there's plenty Trump can do about it. He can take the issue to Court and have the Iran nuclear weapons sales arrangement, Resolution 2231, thrown out.
Everybody in the contraband arms racketeering syndicate hates Trump. He's unpredictable and just bad for the weapons dealing big time hog time business affairs. And he presents a potential threat to their weapons purveyors' sport.
The Court may most likely decide Obama's Security Council resolution as not authorized by the Charter of the United Nations in that it infringes on so many aspects of treaty and the Charter of the United Nations itself; and on peremptory norm of international law.
As explained in the writing, the Court may decide that the vote for Resolution 2231 itself is disqualified for having been intentionally suborned. Corruption of the vote was explicitly intended from the start, and this is documented in the very text of the Security Council resolution itself.
That being one reason for disqualification; the very contents of the menacing contraband weapons assets being exchanged demand the Court's putting a halt to the affair.
Obama has pretended the United Nations is something of a world government over which the Security Council presides and which can order anything it likes. The Charter of the United Nations defines the Organization as nothing of the sort.
This writing, among other things, details aspects of the true nature the Charter of the United Nations and the declared purposes of the United Nations; and discusses functions of legal processes which will be considered in a petition to the International Court of Justice seeking a determination from the Court to have the weapons transactions halted; and ordering remedy for the damages already done.

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March 28
Jean-Marc Lebouquin
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