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Bette Midler, also known as Divine Miss M—the indomitable and incomparable singer, actor, and musical theater extraordinaire, with a career spanning almost half a century—revisits her classic memoir, now with a new introduction.

This book was a kind of last hurrah. When I read it, I hear a disarmingly younger, sweeter voice…I am not sure that this little confection captures a whole time, but I think it’s an accurate picture of the spirit and tone of what I was doing in those days...I hope it holds up, and that you find your best younger self in it as I do...

With her brassy voice and bold performances making the world finally pay attention, this ambitious Jewish girl from Hawaii, needs no introduction. Grammy award–winning singer, Academy Award–nominee, Broadway star of her critically acclaimed one-woman show, and beloved actress in The Rose, Beaches, and Down and Out in Beverly Hills—Bette Midler is a household name whose career and fans span generations.

In A View from A Broad, Bette relives her career through memories of endless rehearsals, her fear of flying, crazy schedules, and wisdom she learned from Thai Gondoliers with her trademark razor-blade wit that her fans have grown to know, love, and expect.

Filled with photographs, a new introduction, and heartwarming stories that highlight only a portion of a brilliant career, A View from a Broad is the perfect gift for anyone who loves music, theater, or just plain fun—and will be cherished by the fans of Divine Miss M for years to come.

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April 1
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Customer Reviews

Lgreen407 ,

Bette Midler is Awesome!

Great read

Tammie (Tamoya) Shepperd ,

Trueblue Bette ! Why she is a Legend 🌹❤️

Just a 54 yr old Woman fm Indiana! Back when I was 16 n got my DL I drove to see My FRIST movie alone! The 🌹👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 This movie 🎥 I tell you was so great in every angle and so intense at times the entire Theater of all who seen this that very ngt? No one was hardly eating their popcorn or candy! I recall as if it were yesterday! I knew the Movie was based some what on our beloved Janis, Bette's performance was so Grand that the sad passing of Janis....If she could see this Movie she would look at Bette with her smiling eyes and smile at Bette, needing no words fm Janis, Bette would have felt the very Soul of Janis if the Soul could speak? To Bette? I think Janis would only need to say: Thank You, Thank you I love you for your long days and nights to get most of my Life in less than 2 hours ...all the bullies in my past n heartbreaks I had as a child n Woman you showed the World the tenderness in me and You are my 😇." Then fade into a mist of white. Ya see Bette is one very, very rare Human beings on our Planet. I think this because many reasons here is just 1. after the Movie that ngt n credits ran w/the speakers 🔊 of The Rose being sang by Bette ... no one would get up to leave the theater! We were all each 1 of us were pulled so deeply into Bette's not acting to me, but literally her entire being was in the (Janis auto-bio kinda) character she played. Stunned to the max we all were n that ngt? I purchased the cassette fm the Movie The Rose! Bette is not fm the norm in the Performing 🎭 She is to me, a true to her ❤️ and Soul in every single thing she does in her Life! The finest we all have been so fortunate to get to see or hear or read her book like this one, she gives to the World more than she even realizes "Newspaper/Magazine etc..." never could even a Oscar would have been needed for Bette's portraying the actress in this 1 Movie at 16 yrs old when I first met Bette Midler! Thank you from my ❤️ Love the book and anything you do for us your Fans, With the utmost respect sincerely, Tammie Shepperd Logansport, IN USA 🤗🌹‼

Dieselboi027 ,

Divine Miss M

Awesome book written by the Divine Miss M first published in 1980. Re-issued 2014 with a new introduction written by Bette Midler! The Book picks up after Bette has finished filming her first starring role in the movie,"The Rose"! And written during her first "World Tour"! Miss M's razor tongue wit makes this book,"A View From Abroad" a MUST have for any Midler Fan! Great reading ! Funny till the end! ❤️Bette

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