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Up-and-coming winemaker Cerise Desloires believes in soul mates. Trouble is, she’s sure she’s already found—and lost—hers. Now the young widow has inherited half the vineyard she considers her own, and she’s got one chance to produce a vintage that could make or break her career. But when the flashy, impetuous Clovis de Valois is revealed as heir to the other half, her dreams of independence are dashed into chaos.

Cerise and Clovis seem to be opposites in every way that matters. Can their passion for winemaking—and secretly each other—unite them beyond their differences? Or will their clash ruin the vineyard, and the hearts, they’re both desperate to save?

May 14
Grape Books
Laura Bradbury

Customer Reviews

photobyjb ,

A Vineyard for Two

Ms. Bradbury has done it again; she has written another great book. This time it is fiction that makes a reader feel like he/she is there and fall in love with Cerise. I normally do not read romance novels, but after enjoying the grape series I had to read this novel, which, by the way, has a bit of mystery. Will Cerise keep her vineyard, can she trust Clovis, why did Maxime put her in this position with Clovis? Read the book to find the answers to these mysteries. Oh, yes, make sure you are well fed before you read this book; it made me hungry and thirsty. I am looking forward to book two of the trilogy.

Coj. ,

Just took a trip to France again, thanks to Laura Bradbury

I love Ms. Bradbury’s Grape memoir series and have read all those books at least twice so I was excited when I got my copy of Vineyard for Two. It did not disappoint! At first I thought I would read a few chapters and get on with my day. Silly me. By page 4 I was completely engrossed and read the book in just a few hours, interrupted by pesky things like making dinner, feeding the cat, etc.

As with all of Ms. Bradbury’s books, I was transported to France where I fully experienced life in the vineyard, the sights, the sounds, the smells, the risks and the rewards. The characters are engaging, interesting and sometimes frustrating. In other words, they are like real people. I particularly enjoyed Cerise, a smart, strong, focused woman who is an inspiring leader and single mom.

Vineyard for Two Is scrumptious and I encourage you to savor every bite.

Danishangel ,

Heartbreaking and beautiful! A feast for the senses!

I love a novel that can transport me to another place, and Laura Bradford’s debut novel does just that and more!
I was drawn in by the beautiful word pictures she paints, as well as the very real emotions of her characters. The roller coaster ride of the highs and lows of new and perfect love, identifying with both Cerise in her quest to keep what she worked so hard to build and Clovis’s feelings after being wrongly accused made my heart ache for each of them!
A truly great book makes you FEEL, and A Vineyard for Two succeeded fabulously!

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