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Where is the world going? Do the people have a clear direction of life? The world constantly talks about creating peace in the world. Yet, it still practices the business of solving its problems through wars, fighting and killing. Governments are ineffective and leading their people in the wrong direction. Many books have offered theories to fix the ills of the world by promoting peace, but none have inspired people to take action. My book is written by a commoner written for the people from an average person’s perspective.

No, I am not a great, famous scholar, religious or political leader --nor an infamous person of the world, for that matter. I am only a servant of God, inspired to do God’s work as an Earth Angel in His service. I have no strict political or religious ties. My political philosophy is genuinely “off the scale.” I am not left or right, liberal, moderate, or conservative. My spiritual belief is that all religions are an inspiration of God. So, this book is written from a totally independent, universal point of view.

This book is, however, an expansion of my science fiction novel, Kami Jin, which touched upon various social issues of the world through the section of the protagonist’s “Sermons on the Mount” sequences. A Vision for Humanity was written in response during an author’s interview where I was encouraged to continue to “move mankind in the right direction.” The goal of this book is to bring humanity together in common dialogue – to create the grandest vision for the world.

The goal of the book is to get readers to understand themselves in a balanced approach. First by understanding how people and religion formed the basis of humanity in the world and in history. Then the book focuses on the individual – how each person relates spiritually to the holy trinity (The Father, Son and Holy Spirit) through the “Inner Trinity” which make up each individual – the child-self, adult-self, and the child-self. Unlike other books, I have attempted to establish a psycho-spiritual connection between individual and spirituality not using any particular form of religion. It was a result of a spiritual awakening. As I have explained in the first chapter of my book, my belief is that God had influenced the creation of all religions on Earth. As we are connected to each other through our genetic structures, so are we connected through various religions through God. But, my purpose is not to impose my will or spiritual beliefs of God, but moreover to move mankind so that he can create the grandest vision for humanity on Earth in the physical realm as it is in the spiritual world.

I do this largely by talking about a lot about social issues and problems facing the world today – especially in the United States – particularly with politics and religion. But I also talk about education, labor, and social equality and justice, particularly on LGBT issues. In moving mankind in the right direction, I also believe that it is important that humanity must change its attitudes towards accepting and treating everyone equally without regard to race, color, and sexual orientation. Everyone has a gift to contribute to this “grand tapestry on Earth.”

March 7
Jason Shohara
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