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If you are a sucker for Christian romance novels, then try this book on for size; actually try all of Hill’s book on for size. Hill, like Wright, was quite popular in her day, but is often forgotten today. The story follows a young woman in Arizona, who begins to fall for a cowboy.

June 27
Golgotha Press
Golgotha Press, Inc.

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Debnlee ,

A Voice in the Wilderness

Set against the backdrop of the wild and beautiful Arizona desert at the turn of the 20th century, Mrs. Hill once again weaves an intriguing story of adventure, peril, disappointment, hope, and an unlikely romance. Each character’s strengths and weaknesses are developed within multiple storylines, which intersect in a series of twists and turns throughout the story. Though written a century ago, the timeless truth that God‘s love can bring hope into the most dismal of circumstances or the most despairing soul is beautifully and delicately portrayed. An engaging, satisfying read!

Stanford susie ,

A voice in the wilderness

This was a really great book to read. My favorite kind of novel is one that demonstrates daily life in that time period. This book initially was slow but quickly moved to warp speed. I could not stop reading it. A little heavy on the religious aspect but a great love story never less. I highly recommend this book. A great read.

Ferrellee ,

A Voice in the Wilderness

In the 30’s and 40’s of the last century when I was a young girl I read many books by Grace Livingston Hill and enjoyed them immensely. It was a joy to discover a book by her once again. It was a delightful story and I realized her books had a great impact on my life all those years ago. I would gladly read other books written by her whenever I got the chance.
Ferrell Hinds

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