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Zoë's life seemed to be looking up. After a tragic childhood, she was just beginning to come out of her shell and embrace the successful and happy adult she had become. The happily ever after she and her friends planned was just within her grasp. The yearly camping trip they had planned together was going to be the last big blast for the next few years. She suspected she would get the big proposal soon, after all, her other friends were taking the plunge. Little did she know, the new fairytale life she had envisioned for herself would take another turn.
A pixie's life was relatively peaceful, the beauty of the forest and serenity of the village lending to its charm, and Tristian's life wasn’t much different, especially now that his life was settling into a comfortable routine. Since the fog that consumed him the last couple of years seemed to clear, he was finally coming to terms with his life, and what it was to hold. With the pressures of the crown and ruling the pixie realm fading, he was ready to embrace his future. Life was definitely getting back to normal. But upon returning home from an outing alone, his friends had another big surprise, one that would rock his newfound happiness. His world, once again, would be turned upside down. The auburn haired, green eyed human that caught his attention days earlier, was now forced into his world
Thrown together by circumstances beyond their control, they are propelled into a journey to find answers hidden in the past. Answers that would test their boundaries, and their self-control.
Will they fight their growing feelings for each other and return to their lives, or go against Mother Nature and her laws to remain together?

February 26
Cindy Louallen
Smashwords, Inc.