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On the run and in fear for her life, Rose Dunleavy finds herself championed by an honorable British officer assigned to protect her. Lieutenant Michael Halloran is also running for his life, carrying a damning letter that changes everything in regard to Jaime’s tragic death.
Rose seeks her half sister in Belfast for assistance, only to learn Portia and Lord Yarborough are now estranged. She reluctantly agrees to pose as her nephew’s nurse as Portia faces cruel banishment for betraying her husband. Pretending to be an Irish servant, Rose is tasked to dig up something damning on the disreputable Lord Yarborough in order to stall his annulment efforts.
In her grief, Rose turns to Michael, seeking to save her from herself and her disturbing new awareness of her mysterious employer. Michael promises her much but soon disappears, making her believe he was caught by the men who pursue him for the letter.
By a twist of fate, Rose is summarily dismissed, sent away from Yarborough’s estate. She arrives penniless to the city, taken to her former employer’s townhouse. In exchange for her discretion, she is offered a place to hide to become Riordan Shelby’s newest mistress.
With no choice but to appeal to the man’s every wicked desire, Rose falls headlong into another vicious web. Hiding behind her enigmatic protector, she gives herself up to his darkest passions. Looking to dull the pain of Jaime’s loss; she spirals ever downward, nearly losing her soul.
Cullen is stretched in too many different directions. He searches for Rose while desperately trying to find his brother’s abducted son, all while maintaining his dangerous disguise as an Irish rebel. Soon he arrives in Belfast, seeking The Brotherhood’s henchman who ordered the executions of his parents.
Bitter and disillusioned over Rose’s abandonment, he turns to a beautiful Irish spy for comfort. Isla Downey is helping him to find the man who ordered his family’s deaths for a price. Isla’s innocence and fiery passion appeal to Cullen in every way but his heart remains steadfast to finding Rose.
After near tragedy, Rose has to finally face Rory with the truth of who she is. Heartlessly, he forces her to remain with him while playing a vicious game of cat and mouse with her hated half brother Jonathan Bane.
Refusing to reveal his feelings, Rory is disheartened to learn her identity. He risks her life and his if The Brotherhood should ever learn she is the widow of the man who betrayed his organization. Falling for his beautiful mistress more by the day, he tries to find some way for them to remain together.
Meanwhile, Cullen is working to turn The Brotherhood against itself from within, knowing he runs out of time. Always one step ahead and one away from discovery, he unleashes his fury upon the underground rebel organization who wronged his family long ago, only to discover the woman he loves now resides in the center of it all.
Released in two continuing parts back to back, follow the turbulent continuing saga of The Dunleavy’s until the epic conclusion this summer.

June 21
Karolyn Cairns
Smashwords, Inc.

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