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Baya is not sure she wants the life her mother has planned for her.

She has been prepared her entire life for three trials.

That's all … only three ancient tests in three days.

A lifetime worth of work over in a matter of days. Easy right?

Then she will officially be a woman and in line to become the ruler of the world 

… or she'll be dead.

But what if she doesn't want either of those options?

If she can survive the trials, that's when the real challenges will begin.

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A Woman's World illuminates issues by reversing gender roles. This story is full of rich world building woven into an exciting plot. It follows the life of a young girl who lives in a primitive culture on a distant planet where women have mystifying powers that keep men subservient.

What Critics are Saying About A Woman's World?

An incisive and inspiring novel that wields the fantastic to convey a timely and challenging vision.

— Ramsey Campbell (Best-Selling, Award Winning Author)

5 Stars Readers Favorite Review

Baya's life has always been predestined, but not in the way her mother has predicted. Baya studiously prepares for three trials, which she must pass in order to survive and become a woman. But her journey will not end there. Ever since she met Vicaroy, the mysterious garden boy, things have changed for Baya and they will never be the same ever again.

I would recommend lovers of romance and adventure to read this book.

— Bella Arnold (Literary Critic)

A mesmerizing, addictive, and engaging read, author Lynne Hill-Clark's "A Woman's World" is the perfect first entry into a whirlwind YA Fantasy series. The novel holds a steady yet entertaining pace as the author introduces more and more elements to the world's mythology, and the shocking cliffhanger final chapter will leave readers breathless for the next entry in the series. If you haven't yet, be sure to grab your copy today!

— Anthony Avina (Author)

What a marvelous adventure this book has been, a really pleasant surprise! I couldn't predict not even one twist and turn from this ride, which is a major bonus.

I can't wait to see what happens next.

— Mihaela Constantinescu (Book Reviewer)

What a wonderfully enticing and fantastical fantasy story! The characters were well fleshed out and relatable, and super easy to root for. The plot was well thought out and executed and I hope to read more books from this author!

— Queen S (Book Reviewer)

While gender and power dynamics are being explored, this book is fundamentally a light, quick and thoroughly entertaining read. The prose are straightforward and simple, the worldbuilding easy to submerge oneself in, I cared about the characters enough to keep turning the pages and the plot had plenty of unpredictable turns. Not to mention the companion animals joining Baya and Vicaroy later on. They are unique and a fun addition!

Absolutely recommended to fans of easy-to-read-but-not-dumb Fantasy!

— Lilli Stähle (Book Reviewer)

I thought this book was an entertaining quick read! The story was creative and fun! I thought the novel was a perfect way to start a YA Fantasy series.

— Brian Smith (Book Reviewer)

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
August 23
Future Classics Publishing
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

bookem1000000 ,

Thoughtful book

Received a promotional code for a free copy. A wonderful thought provoking work Highly recommended ! I’ll be buying book two for sure!

Bbbrrriiiiiiiiiiiiiiii ,

Awesome book

Such a fun read! Looking forward to the next book in the series!

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