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Means of Disposal.

When Chance is asked by sexual abuse counselor Lorna Savicki to find a missing client, he jumps at the opportunity. Not only is he looking to take on a legitimate investigation for a change, he's always carried a torch for Lorna.

The missing woman, Torrie Wilkins, is a former drug addict, prostitute, and one of Lorna's successes. With Lorna's help, Torrie appears to have cleaned up and put her past behind her. Before she vanished, she was on the eve of graduating from college, and had named her baby daughter after the mentor who saved her; Lorna. 

But the more Chance searches for Torrie, the more his legitimate investigation takes a wrong turn. The case leads him to Nevada, where he butts heads with Wilkins' meth-cooking ex-pimp. That fateful meeting puts him on a collision course with an outlaw motorcycle gang; men not inclined to negotiate or forgive.     

By the time Chance gets back home to the San Francisco Bay, his encounter with the biker gang has erupted into full-scale war. A war being waged not only against him, but against his friend Lorna and the toddler who bears her name. 

To stay alive, protect Lorna and the child, and find Torrie, Chance will have to dump any pretense of legitimacy his investigation started out with. If there's one thing his military and law enforcement experience taught him, it's that to survive you do what you have to-whatever it takes.

About the Author:

#1 Amazon bestselling author Sean Lynch was born and raised in Iowa. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Sociology, served in the U.S. Army as an enlisted infantryman, and spent nearly three decades as a municipal police officer in the San Francisco Bay Area. During his law enforcement career, Sean's been a Motorcycle Officer, S.W.A.T. Team Member, Sex Crimes Investigator, Firearms Instructor, and Homicide Detective. 

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June 12
Sean Lynch
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