A Year of Money and Abundance

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Publisher Description

A Year of Money and Abundance is an exhilarating collection of one years’ worth of weekly mantras that will help you, uplift you, inspire you, and change you from the inside out. They are designed to take you from where ever you are right now, whatever your relationship with money and abundance may be, to new thoughts, new perspectives, new beliefs.

Beginning first from the inside out, each mantra takes you on a journey from where you are, to where you want to be; from embracing your life as it is right now, to building a new relationship with the forthcoming money and vast abundance in your life.

Each and every one of us, we are the sum of all our thoughts.

The messages we tell ourselves are, without a doubt the single most important part of the lives that we lead and the paths that we choose the follow. In our daily lives, we unwittingly and unknowingly often repeat messages of lack, of hardship, of things being expensive and unaffordable, and ‘not for me’.

Then, we feel frustrated and unworthy when our reality displays exactly those versions of truth that we continuously herald by the telling and re-telling these stories. Yet, in order to make that change from merely surviving to finally living the lives of our dreams we must first begin, to tell of experiences that we desire and of stories, that please our hearts.

Each Money Mantra has been written, especially, to help you embrace your current circumstances, whatever they may be right now, and show you, how you can change your inner story by raising your awareness to the infinite abundance that surrounds you. The weekly love notes written especially for you, are to remind you just how valued and how truly worthy you are of all that you desire.

60 Mantras. A Mantra a week, for one year. And watch your world change…

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December 30
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