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In this inventive nature book you will find fascinating animal photos by professional photographers on every page - each corresponding to a letter of the alphabet. Kids will be introduced to action verbs that represent the animals "in action."  See a tiger lapping, a weasel drinking, a kingfisher diving, a chameleon stretching and other action photos.  Along with the bright colorful photos and action verbs, children will also learn some cool facts about each animal. 

We strive to make our books unique and design them from the ground up. The Galloping Turtle Books are created by educators and illustrated with photos from professional photographers. Our books are not just photocopies of previously published books. And our books are not designed from mass produced book themes or generic interactive tools.

Galloping Turtle's photographer, Dwight Kuhn, has published 167 children's book [including print editions] on nature and biology subjects. Many of his books have been award winning titles.  Kuhn was one of ten photographers featured in the book: Wildlife Photography - The Art and Technique of Ten Masters

For the price of a single cup of coffee and pastry you can help educate and provide lasting interactive entertainment for a young child.

64 pages

60 photos

June 14
Galloping Turtle Books
Dwight R. Kuhn
Grades 1-3

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Through Kids' Eyes

Through Kids' Eyes, June 1, 2015
By Good Apple
This review is from: A-Z Animals: running, leaping, playing (Kindle Edition)
As an Elementary Classroom teacher, I have invited several young readers to assist me in reviewing this book. Each student selected their favorite "A-Z Animal."
N. - enjoyed the insect pollinating because bees are cool.
K. K. - chose the panda chewing because she just loves pandas.
K. - loved seeing the horse galloping.
M. - like the picture of the zebra grazing.
W. - loved the bat clinging.
This book became another of the children's favorites by Dwight Kuhn as everyone enjoyed page after page of amazing photos of alphabetical animals accompanied with interesting factual information. We loved watching the animals in action as they ran, leaped, and played across each page. This book definitely earned a 5-star rating with my young readers!


Awesome Action Book

This is an awesome action book with wonderful pictures that illustrate the variety of action words presented in the text. It's exciting reading for young readers. The interactive features will certainly capture and hold your child's interest.

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