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This is the story of how an American went from a time of peace to a time of war, fighting for her survival in a foreign prison riddled with corruption. Having been arrested and property seized without a warrant, Elle was subjected to racism, classism, and discrimination of the worst kind— this nightmare stemming from a Taylor Swift music scam orchestrated and carried out by the LFW Designer’s former friend. Marking her as nothing more than a black stereotype, Elle’s resume and hard work was erased as her personal property was stollen, unaccounted for. With sexist attitudes so abundantly clear, she was taken, and held captive in a maximum security prison despite Government issued release orders— all whilst the police knew the former friend who conned her, who they’d arrested months prior, who’d confessed to defrauding Elle, who they then released on bail... disappeared. Or so they wanted to pretend, when in fact, he’s been hiding in plain sight in the United States of America.

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June 4
Mambet Publishing
Mambetova Holdings LLC

Customer Reviews

Michael Castle ,

American Captive Is Brilliant

This story of a brilliantly successful American fashionista navigating her way through hardship after deciding to take a chance on herself is a truly captivating piece of literature! The beauty of this story is brought to life by the main character’s depth of voice, perspective, and dramatization of her personal adversity. Very well written piece guaranteed to captivate readers. I will recommend this book to anyone.

Baritsron ,

Powerful story

This book is so interesting. It’s not only well written but also the fact that it is an autobiography makes it even more powerful.

gentelmet from futura ,

Всем советую!!!

Одна из самых интересных историй,которую я прочитал за всю свою жизнь! Очень советую так как история на реальных событиях. С каждым может произойти такая ситуация но не каждый сможет пройти этот путь с достоинством. я надеюсь что тем людям кто прочтёт эту книгу начнут относиться к жизни по-другому а люди которые находятся в похожей ситуации будут себя вести на много осторожнее и возможно смогут избежать больших проблем! Спасибо автору за такой откровенный и поучительный рассказ которым я проникся на долгое время...